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the essential foundation or source

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the common people at a local level (as distinguished from the centers of political activity)

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This is the biggest investment into the grass-roots of the game in the history of tennis in the UK.
Create demonstration of grassroots party organizations, so that the demonstration becomes standard, change the standard benchmark, it is an important part of China Sinopec to strengthen grass-roots party building.
He is trying to portray the Tories as a mass party of the grass-roots but in truth they rely on being bankrolled by an exclusive club of City donors.
They have ignored what new grass-roots businesses need is experience and hands on knowledge in how to build successful new grass-roots businesses in a physical and applied sense, not governments or councils running schemes that are 'a road to nowhere' as history has clearly shown over the last half century.
Without a flourishing grass-roots game we would not be able to ensure a successful elite level of rugby in the future.
But they need financial suppey that pushes our game for ward at grass-roots level.
Continuing our grass-roots efforts in 2008 is imperative -- we know the critical issues that we face, we have a united voice, so let's keep speaking.
The Traditional Values Coalition is deeply concerned about the grass-roots lobbying requirements in Section 220 of S.
While many grass-roots programs exist to educate children about finances, it is more difficult to find programs for adults, despite the excruciating need.
The Democratic Party must invest in grass-roots organizing, going door-to-door, re-engaging voters, one voter at a time, and doing it year-round, not just when elections are near.
That's why I like San Francisco, because it's a grass-roots town.
But New Jersey's agents are not unique in their activism; independent agents in a number of other states have mounted similarly successful grass-roots efforts to push for everything from tort reform and insurance regulation overhaul, to election of favored candidates for judicial posts.
A panel of experienced grass-roots organizers will join the NLC Board of Directors later this week for a discussion about how to build an effective field operation to achieve lobbying goals.
The Scotland assistant manager, who combines that job with his youth responsibility at Celtic, is adamant that starting at grass-roots level will lead to long-term improvement.