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0-09-2010-0025 project to built a grass-covered road track maintenance connection with the acquisition of travel multipurpose tool implements carrier truck sales contract.
Those months, "Big O" anglers focused more on miles of canals than on endless grass-covered flats.
The grass-covered circle in front was like a ballroom on New Year's Eve.
ROYAL ASCOT'S Silver Ring was badly affected by the heavy rain, leaving racegoers in the predominantly grass-covered area increasingly trapped in the mud yesterday.
The homes will be built on a two-acre site near to grass-covered reservoirs operated by Anglia Water.
But Dominguez-Rodrigo and his colleagues made similar marks just by walking over deer bones while wearing shoes with grass-covered soles, they reported online November 15 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
Scramblers and quad bikes are often seen on Prospect Hill, a large grass-covered mound built on secured toxic waste.
With regard to the maintenance of local parks in Cardiff, particularly the perimeters of the grass-covered areas where it appears to be common place to use chemicals to control the edges of these areas, I am assuming for reasons of economy?
Dogs taken out for a long ride on expressways by their owners can get some respite without a leash in grass-covered ground established exclusively for their pleasure.
Additional perks include dog-friendly train service (complete with a grass-covered play car), vacation packages, auto rentals, discounts at pet-friendly hotels, insurance plans, and a pet-friendly cruise/ flight package is in the works for 2009 as well.
Each day, 700 balloons launch from 72 grass-covered acres at Balloon Fiesta Park where guests can walk amongst the balloons for a first-hand opportunity to see what it's like to experience the magic of ballooning.
The foundation wants to convert the actual bulk plant site to a grass-covered overflow parking lot, said DEQ Project Manager Bruce Scherzinger.
Sarah Hughes looks out of one of the hotel's windows and right, the grass-covered roof, which will improve insulation.
Standing in the way is a vicious, grass-covered creature called a scrunt, which provides a couple of scary moments.
In a nutshell: Ludicrous fable about a sea nymph, an apartment superintendent and a grass-covered wolf creature is neither scary, profound nor consistently funny -- though at different times the director thinks it's all three.