grass widow

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a divorced woman or a woman who is separated from her husband


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another fun band plays, the all-female trio Grass Widow.
MILO MINUTE SEVEN-INCH (self-released) San Francisco trio Grass Widow have mapped out their own musical language over the course of three records (and a recent tour with the Raincoats), creating a space for audiences to respond to their sound without the prejudice of genre or easily digestible marketing categories.
As an opening act, Grass Widow, ended their set, the crowd's excitement and tension bubbled over into joyous screams as our heroes took the stage to bring back, we hoped, everything that had been lost in Sleater-Kinney's absence.
He varies the settings, situations and characters with great skill and style such as the comic "A Bad Night," the nourishing "A Grass Widow," the romantic "Uncle Wellington's Wives" and the tragic "Her Virginia Mammy.
44) Because Hilderbrand traveled for his work as a steamfitter, Eliza apparently experienced life as a grass widow more than once.