grass snake

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Synonyms for grass snake

harmless European snake with a bright yellow collar

any of numerous nonvenomous longitudinally-striped viviparous North American and Central American snakes

either of two North American chiefly insectivorous snakes that are green in color

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Along the body are dark bands that are more pronounced than with the common grass snake.
I read afterwards that grass snakes typically do that.
Hans-Jorg Wiedl the reptile expert who rediscovered the grass snake after it was thought to be extinct for 40 years and who has been lobbying authorities for 25 years expressed his anger that the snake now faces extinction.
She had seen that face while Stoyko groaned he'd do anything she wanted, forgetting it was raining and that drowned grass snakes were floating down the river.
In the last few weeks, while helping a Watford-based customer clear garden rubbish, Waste King's operatives came across two grass snakes - which had chosen to hibernate in the grass clippings and leaves that were being removed.
Mr Hughes added: "I've lived here for 42 years and this is only the second grass snake I have ever seen.
The grass snake is the only oviparous reptile species capable of maintaining sustainable populations in the far north of Europe (up to 67[degrees] north latitude).
Chris began investigating after spotting a grass snake in a pond in Upper Nithsdale in 2010.
Wandering through woods, they met a fox cub, grass snake and baby heron.
It is an affliction I have always had and the thought of travelling to any place inhabited by anything more dangerous than a grass snake never fails to bring me out in a cold sweat.
An ecological survey submitted with the planning application states: "The site supports several protected species, including an 'exceptional' population of slow worm, a low population of grass snake, ground nesting birds and foraging bats.
Following the refusal of the rst application, Bluemark Projects have undertaken bat and grass snake surveys - which found no evidence of these species - and a road safety audit.
Cyprus was last year found guilty of failing to protect the Cypriot grass snake population in Paralimni Lake that was not properly protected under the Habitats Directive.
Both can be distinguished from the harmless grass snake by the classic zig-zag pattern on their back and their slit-like eyes.