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a skirt made of long blades of grass

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Grass skirts is the name given at the election count to blocks of 20 voting slips, stacked in tiers which - if you've got a vivid imagination - can look like skirt layers.
The 12-strong team - dubbed The Wrinkled Stockings - put on their grass skirts and walking shoes to take part in the Edinburgh Moonwalk last month.
The Scottish outfit was chosen by 67% in the poll, with Japan's kimono second, and Hawaiian grass skirts third.
Sunny Beach Boutique owner Katie Schulz decorated her booth with tiki imagery, grass skirts and most importantly a portable heater that was popular during downpours.
Their passion and energy never waver as they performed her authentic fast-paced choreography through 20 sequences from an African war dance in grass skirts to the mamba in a Havana nightclub with mirrored ball, and from a sentimental bolero duet to a black-and-bare display of machismo by a finely-honed trio.
I just hope there are no South Sea Islanders in Aberdare, they will be turning up for school wearing grass skirts.
Say aloha to supersoft skin suitable for grass skirts or sarongs with this gentle, foaming exfoliator made with coconut shell.
You could dress up Hawaiian-style with leis and grass skirts.
is lighting tiki torches and donning grass skirts over its new relationship with Hawaiian Airlines.
Dancers have been decorated throughout time with tattoos on the naked skin, billowing tunics lit with colored lights, grass skirts, panniered and hooped skirts, stiletto heels, towering Cambodian crowns, large tubes, and all manner of fashions of the day.
They swapped posh frocks and dinner suits for leopard-skin prints, loincloths or grass skirts at the Out Of Africa bash - making Windsor Castle look more like a safari park.
GUESTS in khaki-clad suits, grass skirts and loin clothes showed they had entered into the spirit of things as they arrived at Prince William's exclusive Africanthemed 21st birthday party at Windsor Castle.
A Grass skirts are a part of Polynesian style for special feasts or luaus, so you don't see people wearing them as everyday dress.
Mention Hawaii and one conjures up images of luaus, flat-tummied hula dancers in grass skirts, beautiful beaches, clear blue water, and palm trees swaying in the wind.
Other village women say it's more comfortable to go bare-breasted and wear fiber or grass skirts, which require little maintenance, especially for work in the fields.