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a skirt made of long blades of grass

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Then comes the Zulu Social Aid and Pleasure Club, a historically African-American group that parades in blackface and grass skirts.
Grass skirts is the name given at the election count to blocks of 20 voting slips, stacked in tiers which - if you've got a vivid imagination - can look like skirt layers.
Brawley and Dixon detail escape mechanisms that some GIs used to mentally separate themselves from their environments--they became pseudo-scientists, comparing the plants and animals there with those back home; anthropologists studying natives' rituals; or tourists collecting sea shells and buying grass skirts as souvenirs.
Saturday afternoon I will be at my twin granddaughters' fifth birthday party - it's going to be a beach theme with hula hoops, grass skirts and probably Beach Boys music
I am assuming you are English by your name, so do you wear grass skirts and drink the blood of your enemies?
The theme of the event was a Hawaiian luau, complete with palm trees and grass skirts.
The event at the Whitechapel store featured palm trees, surfboards and grass skirts, and guests were treated to Hawaiian cocktails as they checked out the latest sunglasses and spectacles.
Although there were pirates aplenty and a few grass skirts in evidence, mainly on male racegoers, the weather failed to live up to the occasion WELCOME RETURN Steve "Yarmy" Dyble made a low-key return at Newmarket when helping load some of John Gosden's runners.
Their passion and energy never waver as they performed her authentic fast-paced choreography through 20 sequences from an African war dance in grass skirts to the mamba in a Havana nightclub with mirrored ball, and from a sentimental bolero duet to a black-and-bare display of machismo by a finely-honed trio.
When people think hula, they expect long grass skirts - or even those shiny cellophane ones - and coconut shell bras; that may be part of some other culture, but not Hawaii's.
I just hope there are no South Sea Islanders in Aberdare, they will be turning up for school wearing grass skirts.
You could dress up Hawaiian-style with leis and grass skirts.
And even Hawaiian Day is possible during the Manitoba Winter, with grass skirts and a luau to complement the paradise.
Dancers have been decorated throughout time with tattoos on the naked skin, billowing tunics lit with colored lights, grass skirts, panniered and hooped skirts, stiletto heels, towering Cambodian crowns, large tubes, and all manner of fashions of the day.