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a skirt made of long blades of grass

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An uncoordinated mass of young farmers, kitted in Elvis specs, Mexican sombreros and plastic grass skirts, shuffles uncomfortably to the lilting rhythms of 100-decibel Hawaiian music.
If Nadia comes walking in with a grass skirt I'm going to start doing my sit-ups KENDRA WILKINSEN IN JUNGLE YESTERDAY
These groups are often quite distinctive because they wear uniforms of bright T-shirts, coloured wigs, fluorescent sashes or grass skirts - usually worn by the male of the species
But some things don't change much - students having fun in a good cause is one of them and here we see Newcastle''s Rag Queen, Christine Bateson, aged 18, wearing a grass skirt to lead a procession through the City in November 1970 as other students raise a smile as they collect for charity.
And there's Nina Fajdiga in her little grass skirt that perfectly matches her hair and the lei that sheds baby pompoms when she erupts into a cross between postmodern huh and Janis Joplin on acid.
It is most famous for Betty showing off her greatest assets - her legs were insured for EUR1million in the 40s - in a grass skirt.
Given also that the quite ripped performer spends a significant portion of "I Land" shirtless, there will -- I suspect -- be more than a handful of East West Players patrons who won't give a grass skirt what the Hawaii-born actor/
Another, in oil and gold leaf on glass, is iconic, depicting a skull and crossbones adorned with what appears to be a hybrid between a grass skirt and a cheerleader's mini.
You may pass a skeleton riding a motorcycle, a hula dancer whose grass skirt sways in the breeze, or a giant jukebox with Elvis inside.
He peered out and saw an Agta woman, a grass skirt around her waist and a small child in her arms, crooning a religious song he had heard back in the United States.
RUNNING the London marathon is work enough, but one South Wales competitor is making it even harder by wearing a tribal grass skirt.
Christopher Howell dons the coconuts and grass skirt as spivvy Luther Billis, a kind of big-hearted anti-hero.
One year there was a Jimmy Buffett theme with parrots and aloha shirts and a grass skirt all around the boat," said resident Pat Penniman, one of the many residents who came to see what the parade would look like this year.
Masquerade in traditional Purim attire as Queen Esther and Mordecai, or wear your favorite Hawaiian lei and a grass skirt.