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a skirt made of long blades of grass

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These groups are often quite distinctive because they wear uniforms of bright T-shirts, coloured wigs, fluorescent sashes or grass skirts - usually worn by the male of the species
In the Daily Express, Robert Gore-Langton said the revival "still makes you want to put on a grass skirt and go Bali Ha'i-ing down the Thames Embankment.
He peered out and saw an Agta woman, a grass skirt around her waist and a small child in her arms, crooning a religious song he had heard back in the United States.
We are taking a water bottle and adding a festive face on him, putting a little tropical scarf and adding a hat and/or little grass skirt to the snowman," said Youth Services Librarian Lisa Marie Smith.
If Nadia comes walking in with a grass skirt and little fruit top.
RUNNING the London marathon is work enough, but one South Wales competitor is making it even harder by wearing a tribal grass skirt.
The leggy lady in the grass skirt (whose gams and "posture" won awards from stocking-makers and mathematicians) summed up your hopes: survival, victory, home .
Christopher Howell dons the coconuts and grass skirt as spivvy Luther Billis, a kind of big-hearted anti-hero.
One year there was a Jimmy Buffett theme with parrots and aloha shirts and a grass skirt all around the boat," said resident Pat Penniman, one of the many residents who came to see what the parade would look like this year.
Masquerade in traditional Purim attire as Queen Esther and Mordecai, or wear your favorite Hawaiian lei and a grass skirt.
In rescuing hula from its fate as a Waikiki shopping mall diversion for weary tourists, he has revealed a rich, traditional culture the secrets of which can't be revealed merely by wearing a grass skirt and strumming a ukulele.
Cilla has dressed for the occasion in a coconut bra and grass skirt and plays the theme tune from Hawaii Five-O as she serves up a ham and pineapple pizza.
One dusting and all that'll be missing is your grass skirt.
A RUGBY club chairman who set fire to a player's grass skirt at a fancy dress party has been charged with causing grievous bodily harm.