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European annual grown for forage

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5 million hectares of conventional grass peas each year, most of their plots "are no more than 3 hectares [around 7.
His own studies and those of legume researchers in many other developed countries indicate that planting grass peas may offer even relatively wealthy ranchers and prairie farmers a commercially attractive alternative to cereals, especially as a proteinaceous livestock feed or forage.
The protein content of grass peas runs about 28 percent, by weight--twice that of wheat.
sativus strains permit the expansion of grass peas throughout lands too dry to support grains, he says, they might offer a way to safely increase dryland food production.
Alternatively, he notes, the new, less-toxic grass peas might enable some farmers to plant a second, soil-nitrogen-replenishing crop during an otherwise dry, fallow season.
To families farming some of the poorest soils on Earth, this grass pea (Lathyrus sativus) would appear to be nothing less than "manna from heaven," observes Peter S.
The grass pea produces an amino acid that can destroy a person's nerves.
During prolonged droughts, when alternative crops shrivel, people often make the grass pea a dietary staple.
Crippling at least 2,000 people, it was triggered by the drought of 1995 and 1996, which wiped out nearly all local crops other than the grass pea.