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Three species-poor graminid families, Flagellariaceae, Joinvilleaceae and Ecdeiocoleaceae, represent successive sisters to the grass family Poaceae (for example, in a recent multigene plastome analysis of Poales: Givnish et al.
However, this fast-growing perennial member of the grass family also has a wide range of environmental applications, including carbon sequestration, wastewater reuse, and soil and water erosion control.
An analysis of this dung, in fact, revealed the remains of a grass family which turned out to be the oldest record of grasses found anywhere in the world.
The grass family is vast, ranging in size from petite clusters to monumental specimens.
Nassella tenuissima is a wavy and graceful member of the grass family.
I think we've found evidence for the co-evolution of an important grass family trait by totally different genes," Kochian says.
Although bamboos are members of the grass family they are quite different from other grasses.
Since bamboo is in the grass family, this may pro vide some extra nitrogen since we don't have grass clippings in any quantity.
Did you know, for instance, that corn is not a vegetable at all but a grain as it is a member of the grass family, that Japan eats the most salmon per person and has the lowest rate of heart disease or that Alexander the Great first tasted bananas when he conquered India?
1% of the volume of all crop contents, and the grass family, Graminae, made up 36.
This grass family ingredient gives Thai and Vietnamese dishes a unique flavor.
When Wood of the Month first featured bamboo, we acknowledged the obvious-bamboo is not a wood, but rather a member of the grass family.
The episode got her thinking, however, about the monumental effect that this substance derived from sugar cane or Gramineae, a giant member of the grass family - has had on society.
This giant member of the grass family is a key plant in the garden, so you need something special.
It takes nearly two pages of the proxy statement to list all of the recent real estate and related party transactions, most of which involved the Grass family and site locations of Rite Aid stores.