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capable of being apprehended or understood

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Bricks: laying the foundations for graspable user interfaces.
The sharp, easily graspable devices could be used in all sorts of environments to cut meat off carcasses, to dig up plants and tubers, and to whittle points on digging sticks, just for starters.
Schor suggests, for example, that Ida Applebroog's painted narratives of mythic figures and domestic life constitute genuine - and often overlooked - feminist expression, while Mary Kelly's installations on the construction of motherhood (Post-Partum Document) or middle age (Interim) through objects, texts and photographic montage, are problematic in their refusal to represent the "subject" as a graspable whole and their obedience to postmodern (read masculinist) theories and approaches.
More organization is implied here than is readily graspable by the reader, but Butor has claimed elsewhere that he likes his meanings to become comprehensible only gradually.
Oliver Laxe's You Are All Captains (2010) begins as a send-up of bohemian solipsism and colonialist condescension, but as the story moves from Tangiers to the Moroccan countryside, Laxe gradually pulls up the stakes that fix it to anything so graspable until his black-and-white images float unrestrained.
There's something not quite graspable occurring among all these bits and pieces that lets them cohere in new ways, move along, and pull us with them.
By adopting a "unity thesis," Enlightenment intellectuals believed that divergent religious beliefs exhibited a commonality and were linked by a "thread graspable by unaided reason" (p.
Some images scattered among the rebuses are at once self-evident and indecipherable in that they hold no hidden, graspable meaning.
Such a process yields the graspable mystery and rippling images of a poem like "Catherine of Alexandria":
The Hungarian artist, born in 1965, visualizes physical forces in settings resembling experiments, making their complex nature graspable in a simple but not simplistic way.
Sequenced on a computer into a linked set of herky-jerky stop-motion-style animations, the clouds of smoke and showers of sparks--fleeting, ethereal things--are transformed into seemingly graspable static forms.
Matmos excel at conveying difficult ideas in a concise and literally graspable manner, always stressing the profound physicality and direct impact of sonic information.
This work is certainly experienced with the eyes, but its true significance is graspable only if the absence of the experience of taste is taken into account.
Architecture thus afforded these critics and their art-world audience a straightforward, easily graspable comparison between "good" and "bad" postmodernism, at a time when such distinctions may have been more difficult to demonstrate in the murky waters of the visual arts.
In Freud's account, uncanny motifs lead from the familiar and intelligible to the unfamiliar and disturbing, but Fritsch's works, in their vivid physicality, lead from the knowable and graspable in the gallery to the all-too-knowable and graspable output of mass-production.