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having a taste like that of grapes


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Italy's sparkling moscato wines provide a grapy, sweet and light alternative, with around half the alcohol content.
For feel-good Italian wine gift giving, sparkling red Lambrusco is a festive season favorite, but remember that to bring out the best in its rustic, grapy character you need to serve it cold.
A blend of gewarztraminer and moscatel, it is luscious and aromatic with gorgeous grapy tropical-fruitiness.
Like a sentry or a detective, Anne Tyler seems to notice everything: the pale fluorescent gloom of laundromats, pockets filled with lint-covered jellybeans, the smell of crabcakes and coconut oil on a Delaware beach, grapy veins in the calves of middle-aged mothers.
It's ripe, with the grapy smell of Muscat, along with orange marmalade, but has a soft, dry, light taste, which can come as a bit of a shock after such an exotic and enticing smell, but really is good with fiery food, as long as it's not too hot.