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a tool consisting of several hooks for grasping and holding

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MRE and water MRE: 8970-00-149-1094 (mission-dependent) Water: N/A Grappling hook, 4 prong N/A Warrior aid and litter kit 6545-01-532-4962 Body bags x 2 9930-00-927-4569 Trash bags 7240-00-160-0440 Flashlight x 2 6230-01-291-7531 Tape, 2-in x 60-yd 7510-00-266-5016 Tough box, black/200 series lock 8115-01-562-4555 550 cord, 700-yd 4020-00-240-2146
And, if you take your grappling hooks, you can negotiate the 450ft sea stack the Old Man of Hoy, before it tumbles into the sea - as it looks as if it surely will one day.
Riding in small, high-speed skiffs, today's pirate gangs ambush much larger ships, using rope ladders and grappling hooks to pull themselves aboard.
There were tips for penetrating leather and metal and even bolts used as grappling hooks.
There is no need for grappling hooks and siege machines to climb down the stone face of Penrhyn Castle's Ice Tower, as harness and safety ropes will be provided for the event.
TFP act like Batman's grappling hooks," said Gerard Wong, a professor of bioengineering and of chemistry and biochemistry at the UCLA Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science and the California NanoSystems Institute (CNSI) at UCLA.
Sailing from havens on Somalia's coast, young men with AK-47s, rocket-propelled grenades, grappling hooks and ladders have wreaked havoc with regional shipping over the past six years.
Sailing from Somalia's coasts in fragile skiffs armed with AK-47s, ladders, grappling hooks and little else, Somali pirates were judged responsible for 95 percent of the cost.
It is mixed in solution with small molecules called cross-linkers that act like tiny grappling hooks to fasten different parts of the polymer together.
Their favourite horses may simply be the ones they made money on in between glasses of Pimm's, whom they'll remember for no more than a fortnight, but we still need to attract these fly-by-nights and heathens, by fair means or foul, with the aid of Status Quo, free admission, farmer's markets or press-ganging, and then hang on to them with loyalty schemes, grappling hooks or just the promise of a good day's entertainment at a fair price.
The package includes the two 30mm guns from the surface warfare modules, an armed H-60S helicopter, two 11-meter rigid hull inflatable boats, two 12-per-son berthing modules and a collection of boarding team equipment ranging from flak jackets and small arms to grappling hooks.
However, the pirates use only ordinary rifles, grappling hooks and grenades, according to the crews of ships that have been attacked.
Instead of galleons, grappling hooks and rapiers, viewers will see spaceships, tractor beams and light-sabres.
Grappling hooks, rocket propelled grenades, machine guns and ammunition were found on board, but the sailors released the pirates due to "insufficient evidence" rather than handing them over to the Kenyan authorities.
So we stopped each time and watched as crew members used grappling hooks to pull them on the boat and popped them.