grappling hook

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a tool consisting of several hooks for grasping and holding

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There are no NSNs for water, grappling hooks or convoy signs.
WHILE Soldiers in Afghanistan were shimmying down well shafts using ropes and grappling hooks, and crawling through caves looking for weapons caches and holed-up Taliban fighters, three people at a then-experimental Fort Belvoir, Va.
If a grappling hook hits a mine, the mine will be assessed as destroyed along with the grappling hook and a small portion of the grappling hook line.
Wright continued, "The helicopter was working the far end picking up bales with its grappling hook while we had our RHIB (Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat) picking up bales at our end.
Cornelius Scipio Asina, who was captured by the Carthaginians off the Lipari islands (spring 260); aware of Roman naval deficiencies, he invented a combined grappling hook and boarding ramp, the corvus (crow), to maximize superior Roman skills in hand-to-hand fighting; led the fleet, equipped with the new weapon, into combat with the Carthaginian fleet off Mylae, and won a resounding victory over his surprised opponents (summer/autumn 260); celebrated the first naval triumph, during which the rostrum (beak), composed of captured bronze ship rams, was set up in the Forum; chosen censor (258) and later served as dictator to settle an electoral dispute (231).
The power-ups included in the update are The Boot, Disruptor, Freezer, Grappling Hook, Haymaker, Magnetizer, Plunger, Power Hitter, Spike, Swapper and Tornado.
While vehicular sections don't have the depth of dedicated racers, the addition of the grappling hook adds a swashbuckling element to combat.
The winning firm will in addition to providing the material handler to be able to offer a grappling hook, a hook and a grab.
Before I made my selection I had a wander around the store, pausing to look at lots of inert ammunition and cartridges, gun holsters, a Ninja grappling hook and some Army-issue Kevlar body armour.
The list included a diamond hacksaw that could "cut through anything", an ice pick and a 25ft rope with grappling hook, as well as a pin-striped suit, a "down brimmed dark hat (like angler's)" and an "ordinary smoking pipe".
Flu viruses invade human and animal cells by using hemagglutinin (the H in H5N1) as a grappling hook to snag proteins that stud the surfaces of the cells.
With crews and heavy machinery, including an excavator with a grappling hook, Mr.
com)-- Police arrested three people suspected of using a grappling hook to climb a grade school and break-in through a roof hatch after Sonitrol Pacific's audio security system detected voices October 2.
Others which have been nicked from bobbies include a utility belt, pedal cycle, grappling hook, holdall and batteries.
When the mature virus particle exits one cell to infect a new cell, it perforates the endosomal membrane of the target cell by thrusting in its VP4 spike like a grappling hook.