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Synonyms for grappling

the act of engaging in close hand-to-hand combat

the sport of hand-to-hand struggle between unarmed contestants who try to throw each other down

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The Asia-Oceania Grappling Championship was held for the first time, and was the selection tour for the Grappling Championship 2015 which will be held in Brazil.
We already see referees prevent corners being taken so they can verbally warn players about holding and grappling.
Grapple Nation is one of the largest grappling competitions in the North of England with a range of divisions for both male and female competitors of varying experience levels.
Punching, kicking and grappling are all ways to knock out the opponent so the whole the body needs armour.
If they think grappling is okay, then they need to tell us all because then we will all do it and make it harder for people to move or run in the box.
Six members of the academy entered Ground Control at the NEC, one of the countries biggest grappling competitions, under the supervision of their Brazilian Jiu Jitsu coach Valerio Sousa and came away with one gold medal and two silver medals.
com)-- MMA Applications and Texas MMA Shop announce the release of "MMA Grappling - Side Control" taught by 4 x Brazilian Jiu Jitsu World Champion Bruno Bastos to add to its growing portfolio of video based instructional Apps for Mixed Martial Arts.
Insp Phil Ounsley took gold at a national submission grappling tournament.
TERRIFYING Grappling underwater with the shark; FINAL BLOW Craig plunges blade into the tiger shark Pictures: BARCROFT MEDIA; VICTOR Craig Clasen
Functions of the bucking were defined as: (1) Swing to tree stem--Starts when the loader operator finishes the previous cycle and begins moving the grapple to the next tree stem to be bucked and ends when swing movement has stopped; (2) Grappling Consists of time taken to grapple a tree stem and all the logs associated with it; (3) Swing to saw Begins when grapple swings from tree stem pile or log pile and ends when the tree stem is placed in a sawbuck or the loader is ready for bucking next log from the same tree stem; (4) Buck--Begins when the saw is positioned on the tree stem and ends when a log is completely severed.
Enthusiastically recommended especially for college library shelves, and invaluable reading for activists, businessmen, and legal personnel grappling with all dimensions of the interests and responsibilities of corporations.
These exclusive pictures show Charlie grappling with Peter Barlow in the street, while Tracy Barlow begs for them to stop.
But what is clear is that state authorities must start grappling with how to better regulate aging drivers as the baby boomer generation creeps toward old age.
Maybe if the movie were instead about a 30-something grappling with the same issues, cult audiences might embrace it the way they did, say, Garden State.
Design engineers grappling with vibration and shock control issues in limited spaces, such as in most precision electronics products, are now said to access the same optimized shock and vibration control properties found in the company's Isodamp elastomers, in a halogen-free, injection moldable formulation, Isodamp C-8002.