grapnel anchor

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a light anchor for small boats


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I then hook the chain to the bottom of the anchor and run the chain up and tie-wrap it to the ring so I can pull the grapnel anchor up backward.
10-foot sailboat, $200 4 yards heavy canvas fabric, $15 a yard 4 pieces 1/2" metal conduit, N/A 50 two-piece snaps, $12 4 cans flat green spray paint with plastic adhesion, $24 1 three-foot 2x6 pine, N/A 36 inches black foam pipe insulation, N/A 2 pieces CDX plywood ripped 20x3, N/A 4 pieces 1"x3"x8' pine, $20 2 pieces 4x4 wood blocks (screw two 2x4s together), N/A 1 can household spray foam, $7 1 plastic marine battery tray, $20 1 piece 2"x4"x41 pine for dog seat, N/A 1 piece 1"x2"x4' pine for dog seat, N/A 1 piece nylon shade cloth 24"x24", N/A 5 yards camouflage fabric, $16 a yard 1 marine battery (optional) 1 28-pound thrust trolling motor (optional) 12 feet six-gauge marine wire, $24 1 paddle or push pole, $30 2 folding grapnel anchors and line, $40
Each kit strings together four dozen blocks into gang rigs of a dozen each, including more than enough line, four anchor line spring clips, four three-pound folding grapnel anchors, a rope winder and 36 gang rig drops that permit easy swap-out of decoys and prevent tangling.