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a tool consisting of several hooks for grasping and holding

a light anchor for small boats

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At the minimum, take the following safety supplies: Spare prop, nut, thrust washer, cotter pin and prop wrench; water and food for an additional two days beyond what you'll use on the trip; VHF radio, flares, flashlight, EPIRB, sound-making device, signal mirror and up-to-date emergency kit; extra bug spray and rain gear; cooking pan and either a portable stove or something to make a fire as a backup to eat fish and/or keep warm; spare grapnel anchor and 100 feet of line.
Batman, who is controlled by the player, gets some of the best gadgets like Cryptographic Sequencer, Batclaw, Batarang, Smoke Pellets, Disruptor, Grapnel Accelerator, Remote Claw, Shock Gloves, Concussion Detonator and many more.
10-foot sailboat, $200 4 yards heavy canvas fabric, $15 a yard 4 pieces 1/2" metal conduit, N/A 50 two-piece snaps, $12 4 cans flat green spray paint with plastic adhesion, $24 1 three-foot 2x6 pine, N/A 36 inches black foam pipe insulation, N/A 2 pieces CDX plywood ripped 20x3, N/A 4 pieces 1"x3"x8' pine, $20 2 pieces 4x4 wood blocks (screw two 2x4s together), N/A 1 can household spray foam, $7 1 plastic marine battery tray, $20 1 piece 2"x4"x41 pine for dog seat, N/A 1 piece 1"x2"x4' pine for dog seat, N/A 1 piece nylon shade cloth 24"x24", N/A 5 yards camouflage fabric, $16 a yard 1 marine battery (optional) 1 28-pound thrust trolling motor (optional) 12 feet six-gauge marine wire, $24 1 paddle or push pole, $30 2 folding grapnel anchors and line, $40
Somali pirates fired grapnel hooks from their bouncing speedboats high onto the deck of the massive, lumbering ship, and ascended rope ladders with automatic weapons strapped to their backs--the hijacking of the Sirius Star was underway.
The four-and-a half-foot grapnel, a small four-pronged anchor, has been resting loosely in the sand on the ocean's bottom and was considered too vulnerable to leave exposed to possible storms until the full-scale expedition, according to state officials.
Each kit strings together four dozen blocks into gang rigs of a dozen each, including more than enough line, four anchor line spring clips, four three-pound folding grapnel anchors, a rope winder and 36 gang rig drops that permit easy swap-out of decoys and prevent tangling.
Personally speaking, it wasn't asking my sapper buddy how to throw a grapnel hook, but realizing how familiar he was with the tactical details of its employment, that was most memorable.
Maritime and security experts said the pirates had approached the ULCC from the stern in speed-boats and thrown grapnel hooks tied to rope ladders, most likely boarding unopposed as the ship cruised on auto-pilot with nobody keeping watch on the bridge.
But I love a number of books that are large and never go anywhere, say, "The Ultimate Visual Dictionary," in which you can see the difference between a grapnel and a plow anchor.
On our yacht Josepheline, a 38-foot Lightwave catamaran, we carried a 22 kilograms Manson Plough, a 10 kilogram CQR[R], a small Danforth[R] and a grapnel.
Because the traps set at 50 m were difficult to retrieve with a grapnel from the hard bottom or were all lost within one month after deployment (on soft bottom), an additional 30 octopus traps were deployed at the shallower depth on soft and hard bottom on 18 May, 2000 and were monitored weekly for 14 weeks.
Smooth concrete offered no purchase to the claws of the grapnel.
Our soldiers committed to the MOUT fight will be aided by the launched grapnel hook and midsized riot control disperser--already in service as earlier SEP successes--and by the infantryman's wall breaching kit, an FY 03 new-start program.
This was done so that equal lengths of cable would hang from either side of an 800-pound grapnel lowered from the ship to snag and retrieve the cable--just the way you would pick up and balance a strand of spaghetti on a fork tine.
Tanner was primarily responsible for selecting and installing--and in some cases personally designing--the trawl nets, rake and grapnel dredges, tangles, surface nets, and other collecting devices, as well as the ship's thermometers, salinometers, and sounding equipment (Fig.