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the study of handwriting (especially as an indicator of the writer's character or disposition)

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Riddhi says graphology is important because it can help people understand their strengths and weaknesses and know which areas they need to improve on.
For Quadros, Graphology is a hobby only now branching out into something more serious.
Noting that the technique has been used widely in Europe, Poizner, a clinical social worker in Toronto, Canada, who wrote a dissertation on the use of graphology within psychotherapy, details the clinical evaluation of handwriting by mental health clinicians in North America.
The first breakthrough came when two different graphology experts, one president of their professional association found what they claimed were serious inconsistencies between the letters written in blood and those on the crossword Ghislane Marchal had been working on just before her death.
See Shaike Landau, Michon and the Birth of Scientific Graphology, The British Instit.
I also deploy graphology to aid the reading voice' stress, and avoid all punctuation except the occasional exclamation mark.
The first Issue contains four original articles covering the study of self-esteem in enuretic children through the Rorschach method, exploring the validity of graphology with the Rorschach test, alternative ways of organizing the sensory universe, and using the defense mechanism test to aid in understanding the personality of senior executives and the implications for their careers.
Graphology, the study of handwriting, has long been used by employers, police and historians to gain an insight into people's personalities.
Never take a graphology test as part of an interview.
The combustion graphology of fuel oils is defined as a new technical and scientific field which deals with the graphic transposition of the processes of fuels combustion development in a simulator [Ghia, 1991].
To reinforce this Irish Spring, in partnership with an expert graphologist at the Graphology Consulting Group, created an interactive tool to analyze and showcase guys' personalities based on traits and flares in their signatures.
Synopsis: "Handwriting Analysis: Discover Your Own Vocational/Career Potential" offers a new perspective not found in conventional books on Graphology.
The note will be sent for a graphology test and the police are questioning the family members of the deceased in connection to the case.
Graphology is the study of handwriting, and I've never studied it.
Handwriting analysis or graphology is actually a very old and respected science the study of handwriting and its analysis was developed 3,000 years ago by the Chinese.