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the study of handwriting (especially as an indicator of the writer's character or disposition)

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In her findings, consultant graphologist Margaret Webb said there is "very strong evidence" that one of the signatures is not Mr Walker's and "strong evidence" the other signature is also bogus.
I should add at this point that Loveday is a fully trained, fully diploma'd graphologist and has been for 40 years or more.
And Charlotte Alergent, an expert with the British Institute of Graphologists, says his "hasty" handwriting gives a revealing insight into his personality.
Graphologist Andrew McNamara, who is based in Swansea, agreed that handwriting styles reflect someone's personality - and said the decline of legible handwriting would lead to poor communication skills.
On the other hand, a founder member of The British Institute of Graphologists, Erik Rees, said that graphology should not be used in isolation, but with other techniques that can give an accurate insight into someone's true character.
Twenty Remarkable Women Seen Through Their Handwriting is a most enjoyable read especially for amateur graphologists.
By contrast, graphologists can obtain their designation through home study courses.
We asked social psychologist Elaine Quigley, one of Britain's leading graphologists, to study handwriting samples we provide from racing personalities.
Speakers covered case histories on post traumatic stress syndrome in Vietnam veterans who never saw combat; graphologists who believe handwriting tells us something about our personality; courtroom experts who testify about repressed memory in sex abuse victims; and doctors of traditional Chinese medicine who believe they can tell if you have kidney disease just by taking your pulse.
Ms Quigley, who chairs the British Institute of Graphologists, stressed that everybody's handwriting was different but pointed to a series of distinct features in Mr Moore's latest letter, which was sent from his cell in Wakefield prison in West Yorkshire.
This was more common a decade or so ago, when it was usual to have job applicants' handwriting analyzed by graphologists (see sidebar).
In her highly amusing bookClass she says: ``The working classes have a reputation for potency and being good in bed - a myth probably started by middle class novelists and by graphologists who claim that anyone with loopy writing must be highly -sexed.
Elaine, chairman of the British Institute of Graphologists and leading expert in her field, said the structure of the penmanship and the flow of the script was identical.
A small but significant number of firms in Merseyside are enlisting the help of graphologists, who claim they can get an insight into your character from the way your write.
Only graphologists get a kick out of deciphering them.