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a specialist in inferring character from handwriting

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The Perthshire-based graphologist added: "She prefers to keep her options open and keep observing.
The BBC reported in 2008 about a graphologist, Christina Strang, trying to prove the link between heart disease and handwriting.
Sherlock Holmes also displayed his expertise as a graphologist in some of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's original stories.
I should add at this point that Loveday is a fully trained, fully diploma'd graphologist and has been for 40 years or more.
Just at the age of 29, he is unarguably 'India's youngest astrologer, numerologist, graphologist (signature expert ) & gemmologist ' enjoying 'celebrity' status being in the company of esteemed clients like Sushmita Sen, Govinda, Arshad Warsi, Amrita Arora, Harman Baweja, Boman Irani, Irrfan Khan, Jimmy Shergill, Dino Morea, Kangana Ranaut, Pooja Bedi, Minissha Lamba, Ana Singh, Poonam Dhillon, Apara Mehta, etc.
Claudia Rose, in the fourth entry in this series by Sheila Lowe, has the Southern California graphologist and her nearly life-long friend, Kelly, responding to the latter's half-sister, Erin, who pleads for help in finding her young daughter, Kylie.
Graphologist Emma Bache interpreted some of the drawings.
In January 1960, Delteil sent Miller an account of his personality compiled by a young graphologist, who had examined his script.
This time, the opposition will probably not ask for a graphologist analysis of the signature of the Prime Minister (as it did concerning the Agreement on the border), because the VMRO-DPMNE members did not even try to distance themselves from the letter.
Riddhi, 25, a graphologist - or handwriting analyst - claims she can detect everything from whether a person is suffering from an illness to how truthful they are.
She gathers anecdotes at lunches with them, is shown Morante's clothes, and takes Morante's handwriting to a graphologist.
She was "in a dark place and hadn't written for some time" when on a lark with a friend she let a graphologist analyze her handwriting.
JEDDAH: If your child is having emotional or psychological problems, you can consult a graphologist to analyze his scribbles and maybe figure out what is wrong.
She is a consultant graphologist to California Cryobank, Cambridge, Mass.
The Irish Sunday Mirror sent copies of the couple's signatures to one of the world's leading experts onhandwriting, graphologist