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a specialist in inferring character from handwriting

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Having obtained handwriting samples from 12 volunteers from among the ranks of racing's best-known faces, we employed the services of one of the Britain's leading graphologists.
2) Graphologist Sheila Lowe is the creator of a handwriting analysis computer program that features samples from a number of famous people, including Bob Dole and Lance Ito.
Former chairman of the British Institute for Graphologist, Elaine Quigley studied a letter penned by Kate over a year before she became a member of the Royal Family in April.
A member British Institute of Graphologists for 15 years, she said his meticulous writing revealed a cold, calculating personality.
Mr Rees, chairman of the British Institute of Graphologists, said: "His writings point towards a pathetic individual.
Erik Rees, a consultant graphologist and founding member of The British Institute of Graphologists, claimed that the change held hidden meanings about society.
And, says graphologist Barbara Harding, because you take your time with handwriting, the results are more thoughtful.
Graphologist Emma Bache noted that there were 'marked differences' but attributed the different writing style to 'a lot of irritability which he is struggling to keep under control'.
Top graphologist Allan Conway says: "You've got more chance of winning the lottery 10 times over than of having the same handwriting as anyone else.
Lowe is a graphologist, a member of a controversial field that treats handwriting as a decipherable reflection of the writer's mind and personality.
In May 2000 Pullen paid 50 pounds to have the handwriting examined by Joyce Martin, a renowned graphologist, who concluded it is 'highly likely' it was Diana's.
Graphologist Erik Rees said: "It is very hard to compare the doodles with more structured handwriting.
They heard from renowned graphologist and published author Diane Simpson that even the way the letter 'i' is dotted can be a giveaway.
While spiky writing which contains peaks rather than curves suggest an analytical thinker - somebody like a graphologist then.