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the study of handwriting (especially as an indicator of the writer's character or disposition)

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The predictive validity of graphological influences: a meta-analytic approach.
Different registers make particular use of such graphological features as: size of print and capitalization in newspaper and advertising lay-outs; different typefaces and sizes in dictionaries such as this one; special lines in poetry, etc.
It's nearly pointless to "quote" this for you here, because the blood's in the font; the point here is handwriting, the graphological portrait of the artist, and we encounter that before anything else for good reason.
Inmate handbooks also use graphological devices such as bulleted points, numbered rules, tables of offenses and bolded headings for emphasis, they are still poorly organized documents because they do not prioritize the information presented.
Pierre Menard who published a rather maddening little book, L'Ecriture et le subconscient: Psychanalyse et graphologie, in 1931 (with a revised and expanded edition in 1951), as well as La Page a'ecriture, a further study of graphological analysis, in 1948.
43) No one can say for certain whether graphological analysis would allow a comparison of the signature of the young student with that of the middle-aged man; so scholars have no way of confirming whether or not the two signatures are in the same handwriting.
He identifies six distinctive levels of linguistic analysis in stylistic studies, namely the graphological, the phonological and phonetic, the lexico-semantic, the morphological, the syntactic and then the discoursal levels (Lawal, 2003: 29).
And the page itself is sheet music in terms of the graphological arrangement, with lines beginning in the middle of the page suggesting a neutral unstressed reading voice.
Further, S and Z are in a relation of graphological inversion: the same letter seen from the other side of the mirror: Sarrasine contemplates in La Zambinella his own castration.
Vasko Popetrevski wonders in Dnevnik why Nikola Gruevski did not announce the signing of the Agreement on Kosovo Border Demarcation prior to its problematic declaration on Friday, now causing the need of graphological analysis in order to verify that the signature is his.
For more rapid intelligence, and perhaps to avoid any suspicious inquiry about Marvell's exact details of birth, William and Mary Popple supplied a letter of Marvell's so that the abbot's graphological insight might tell the Nelthorpes what to expect.
If readers may recognize printed words as a mimesis of sound, they might similarly use the conventions of graphological and phonological language to recognize a similar relationship between the meaning of a word and what it feels like to pronounce that word.
This is partly a consequence of my decision to take the graphological sentence as the unit or text-span within which nearly all of these eight kinds of prospection foregrounding take effect.
These fractures are textbook graphological signs for criminality, especially in financial dealings.
Quebec: Internacional Graphological Colloquium (2004).