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the study of handwriting (especially as an indicator of the writer's character or disposition)

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A graphological portrait, evidence of a living organism on the page, hot jar of nerves and circulation host to any other number of microorganisms that can spread to the reader or anywhere else there's a warm body to receive them; "Your notebook," says Kunin, "is unhygienic.
For more rapid intelligence, and perhaps to avoid any suspicious inquiry about Marvell's exact details of birth, William and Mary Popple supplied a letter of Marvell's so that the abbot's graphological insight might tell the Nelthorpes what to expect.
These fractures are textbook graphological signs for criminality, especially in financial dealings.
We summarise a broad range of experiments conducted using the text change detection method, studying syntactic, semantic, and graphological features including clefting, sentence and paragraph length and punctuation, vocabulary choice, and use of italics (see Section 3).
In the examples below, Godard compensates for the polysemy of the source text items by explicating all the possible meanings in the target meanings either next to each other or by means of graphological deviation.
We turn now to graphological cohesion in the works of La Guma.
Static signature recognition analyzes in graphological terms the form and shape of the letters, while dynamic recognition measures a signature during the signing process for pen pressure, timing, etc.
We showed the diary to an expert at the National Institute of Graphology who said: "In all probability all entries are from the same hand and there are no graphological similarities between Mr Markos's writing and the diary entries.
These graphological abilities can be thought of as core abilities for written language, including reading.
As yet, our in-house academic Elaine Quigley has made no mention of the graphological significance of the colour of wax crayon used by the subject.
Crystal responds that e-mail is not a "medium to be feared for its linguistic irresponsibility (because it allows for radical graphological deviance) but as one which offers a further domain within which children can develop their ability to consolidate their stylistic intuitions and make responsible linguistic choices.
Hong is a filmmaker whose own authorial inclination throughout his seven-year directing and screenwriting c areer appears to be linked to graphological tropes (retracing and erasing) and the questioning of empirical knowledge, as well as the possibility of rendering positive the power of negation.
Statistical representations of these graphological features appear in the table that follows:
The writing samples were evaluated based on graphological signs and compared to the inventory scores.
Western aesthetic criticism is uncomfortably aware that even the Chinese interest in Line and Form is not formal, but graphological.