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Synonyms for language

Synonyms for language

a system of terms used by a people sharing a history and culture

specialized expressions indigenous to a particular field, subject, trade, or subculture

Synonyms for language

the text of a popular song or musical-comedy number

the cognitive processes involved in producing and understanding linguistic communication

the mental faculty or power of vocal communication

a system of words used to name things in a particular discipline

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The Java viewer now supports the Hewlett-Packard Graphics Language (HPGL), an interpreted vector description language.
For added flexibility, both printers also support Hewlett Packard's Graphics Language (HP-GL), Printer Control Language (PCL5) for monochrome and TrueType fonts.
Support of VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language), a 3D graphics language for the Internet, provides PV-WAVE users the ability to generate highly interactive, complex 3D graphics and deliver them anywhere in the world in a matter of seconds.
PostScript compatibility and graphics language (GL) plotter emulation ensure that the IBM color printer works with all leading color application software.
The ModelWorks software accepts three-dimensional model files directly from any (CAD) program using stereolithography (STL), Object (OBJ), data exchange files (DXF), slice (SLC), or Hewlett-Packard Graphics Language (HPGL) formatted files.