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a user interface based on graphics (icons and pictures and menus) instead of text

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Held annually since 1969, the Graphics Interface conference is devoted to computer graphics, interactive systems, and human-computer interaction.
The design of both AGP8X and PCI Express graphics interface, allows users to switch graphics cards depending on their budget and needs, and the Future CPU upgrade port lets users to upgrade future CPU socket when it is mature for the market.
However, Dan Vivoli, Nvidia's VP of marketing, questions how long it will be before the graphics interface is as robust as Silicon Graphics Inc's OpenGL standard.
Graphics Interface and Technologies: Integrated and Discrete Graphics, AGP and PCI-Express Graphics.
Also included was the ZEOS's new high-performance graphics interface coupled with the systems VESA standard VL local bus.
Our system's processing speed, memory capabilities, communications network and graphics interface are leading the field.