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photographs or other visual representations in a printed publication

the drawings and photographs in the layout of a book

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Triscend, a provider of Configurable System-on-Chip (CSoC) devices, has announced that for the first time, designers have access to an 8-bit microcontroller with a graphic LCD driver built-in.
The center was designed not only as a manufacturing and technical support facility, but also as a European showcase for the technical and scientific 3D computing market," said Bob Bishop, president of Silicon Graphics World Trade Corp.
Enhancing our DekoCast and Thunder on-air graphics systems with new HD options and toolsets gives broadcasters an easy way to manage their look and feel without placing additional demands on their resources.
This activity will represent the teaming of two industry-leading companies in the visualization field: Kodak and Silicon Graphics," said John Kohler, vice president and general manager of Silicon Graphics' Business Systems Division.
CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X3 is now available in 17 languages worldwide including Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified, Korean, Japanese, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Finnish, Swedish, Hungarian, Czech, Polish, and Russian.
The widespread availability of visual computing applications, however, requires a true 3D graphics standard which software developers can support.
While the concept of vehicle graphics isn't new, what is relatively new are vehicle "wraps" that go around the doors, back and front of a vehicle and that display high-resolution, full color graphics, said Salomon, whose company includes more than 400 franchised locations in the United States and nearly 500 worldwide.
0, a royalty-free, open standard for low-level 2D vector graphics, and that new members Monotype Imaging, Scaleform and TAT have joined to participate in ongoing development of the API.
ALT Software, a global provider of graphics drivers and other solutions for embedded systems, has partnered with Hybrid Graphics, a major supplier of embedded graphics software.
Whether they are design professionals on deadline or small business owners creating their own marketing materials, customers will enjoy a significant productivity boost from CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X3.
Handheld devices have an urgent need for the smooth and fluidly scalable 2D that high-quality vector graphics can provide to create high-quality user interfaces, new-generation mapping and GPS displays, compelling 2D games and ultra-readable text on small displays.
When gamers add a CrossFire Edition graphics card, which includes the CrossFire compositing engine, to their Radeon Xpress powered system they are doubling their graphics rendering potential.
Hybrid Graphics and TTPCom today announced a collaboration to pre-integrate Hybrid's 3D graphics and Scalable Vector Graphics Tiny (SVGT) technologies into TTPCom's AJAR mobile application platform.
The template is then easily edited in CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 12 to reflect the customer's unique style.
Silicon Graphics Prism is the world's first complete advanced visualization system for Linux(R), bringing unprecedented visualization capability to the open source community.