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Many games have some aspects of violence in them but only a few have graphically realistic violence.
The seduction of morphine, also called "the milk of paradise," is graphically described.
Capability: The CADFind add-in for the computer-aided design system SolidWorks lets designers graphically search their own or their company's part repositories from inside the CAD software.
Hallmarked by dynamic artforms and story lines of graphically portrayed blood and violence, these comics and graphic novels originated as adult (or at least older adolescent readers) counter-culture alternatives to the more sedate and "politically correct" mainstream comics.
Statistically significant results and performance relative to goals are graphically displayed in real-time on the Amae CI Suite launch page--reducing data overload to key metrics for performance management.
Users can "dial in" different profit margins (profit per part, per run, or per hour), value-added percentages, or other parameters and view the results graphically.
It makes clear how dangerous and self-defeating it is for pubic interest groups to succumb to dishonesty for the sake of tactical advantage, and graphically demonstrates the stupidity of demonization.
Battle vicious monsters in the graphically impressive, long awaited latest version of the multi-player Doom series Just released
The alarm signal is received at the Central Console(s) and the resident's identification, location, and direction of travel are graphically displayed on a computer monitor.
Spanky covers the entire waterfront graphically and knowingly: the mechanics, grips, holding runners on, fielding the position, drills, conditioning the arm and body, the mental approach, implementing a game strategy, pitcher-catcher chemistry, and managing the staff and bullpen.
Designed for real estate businesses, FNIS BackOffice Financial Analyst drills down to the transaction details and eliminates connectivity difficulties, while creating graphically simple reports, automatic updating, complete financial worksheets for each real estate office and budget vs.
machines conflict in a boldly comic-book, sometimes graphically grotesque presentation.
Fundamental Math intertwines solid pedagogy with graphically rich and engaging activities to motivate student exploration of math concepts.
People who use graphically intense applications will reap the benefits of high-performance Pentium chips.
State of Emergency graphically depicts the racism and routine brutality of the LAPD.