graphical user interface

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a user interface based on graphics (icons and pictures and menus) instead of text

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MCI's deployment of Nakina(TM) Open Console, a graphical user interface environment, along with Nakina(TM) Security Management and other Nakina(TM) Multi-Vendor EMS applications, provide MCI with the following benefits:
Socket's Wi-Fi Companion software improves the built-in Pocket PC WLAN by providing an intuitive graphical user interface, along with tools to improve the user's experience with WLAN connectivity.
wxWidgets give EDA tool developers a single, easy-to-use programming interface for writing graphical user interface (GUI) applications with the ability to target multiple platforms.
Statemate's Functionality Enhancements and Radically Improved Graphical User Interface Provide Integrated Development Environment to Boost Usability
Users can now more quickly generate script files for firmware updating in an easy-to-use graphical user interface application, then seamlessly integrate these scripts into their existing software development process.
Arkeia can back up the NAS to a locally attached tape drive or library, and all backup and restore functions can be performed via the graphical user interface.
0 introduces graphical user interfaces for most tools, providing visual guides to a wealth of build options.
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