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relating to or presented by a graph


written or drawn or engraved

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In this paper we consider only those partitions of number n possessing graphical sequence.
com is a leader in graphical information management, offering visual communication solutions that help companies unlock and leverage their complex 2D, 3D and CAD data across the entire enterprise.
Until recently, only people with Internet access through universities or expensive dedicated lines were able to access the Internet with a graphical point-and-click interface," Collins-Rector said.
With that in mind, we developed configurable graphical dashboards that immediately show all key indicators in graphical format.
amp; SALT LAKE CITY -- Starbridge Systems and Impulse Accelerated Technologies today announced a joint initiative to provided graphical and C-language tools for high-performance, FPGA-based computing.
Amulet Technologies, inventor of the Graphical Operating System in Silicon[TM], announced today that it has been awarded U.
20, we are on the frontier of graphical system design, extending virtual instrumentation to transform the way engineers design, prototype and deploy their complex, next-generation systems.
Engineers and scientists should attend the Graphical System Design Summit to learn more about how graphical system design -- using a single open, graphical programming platform to rapidly design, prototype and deploy embedded systems -- can transform the way they design products and enhance efficiency in their embedded system designs.
The Beijing commuter rail project follows other key successes for Kinesix in the East Asia region, including a partnership with Beijing-based Shengzuo Software Technology as well as engagements with the Hong Kong Subway System and the Hong Kong East Rail System -- both of which rely on Kinesix products as the graphical interface for their control systems.
With graphical programming, we quickly developed our prototype and were able to easily deploy the vehicle controller on small, FPGA-based CompactRIO hardware.
Numerous data streams for shuttle systems and operations are fed into the MCC, which requires a dependable, proven solution for interpreting this information into useful graphical displays.
IBGraphics is unique to the market in providing an auction-based cost-per-thousand-impressions (CPM) marketplace that offers advertisers the ability to purchase graphical advertisement placements from a premium roster of IndustryBrains' partner sites, such as Business Week Online, PC World, Network World, Morningstar, WindowsITPro, and DeveloperShed.
KX EDGE allows companies in almost any industry to create and use complex graphical user-interfaces for command-and-control applications.
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