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machine-readable text that is not sequential but is organized so that related items of information are connected

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Find the Conferences link in the middle right side of the page, click on the graphic link and then follow the link for Webcast next to the Global Healthcare Services Conference heading.
asp or through an orange graphic link that appears at the top of the page in all ActiveShopper.
com/, find the Conferences link in the middle right side of the page, click on the graphic link and follow link for webcast under the UBS Leveraged Finance Conference 2005.
E-Carriers, in turn, will receive a cash commission for each new BMG Music Service member generated by the graphic link (which, when clicked, directs the recipient to BMGMusicservice.
View Point Health's website houses multiple graphic links, a 30 second overview video - scripted and produced by Third Wave - and an overview of the latest View Point news - right on the site's home page.
A sampling of topics includes navigating documents, setting tabs, wrapping text around objects, drawing complex lines, managing graphic links, and filling objects with color.
The graphic links have an HTML counterpart, generally located at the bottom of the page.
Solution: Blue-highlighted, clearly identified words in a block of text, particularly those using such indicators as Click Here, are easier for low literate adults to use than random words or graphic links that require the user to click on pictures to navigate to information.
com will participate in several direct mail programs to Churchill Downs customers and will place key graphic links on the Web sites of Churchill Downs (www.
Its third-generation ad servers in Europe and North America are totally platform independent, can be applied to any publishing system, can identify and target any wireless device and handle any advertising creative format including Short Message Service (SMS), WAP text links, graphic links and interstitial/flash.