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Synonyms for grapevine

hear something on the grapevine

Synonyms for grapevine

gossip spread by spoken communication

any of numerous woody vines of genus Vitis bearing clusters of edible berries

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Caption: UPTAKE AND RELEASE OF SMOKE TAINT IN GRAPEVINES The above sequence is responsible for the uptake and release of smoke taint in grapevines.
However, in the case of grapevines, wounding events such as freezing injuries are often associated with an outbreak of crown gall because exposed wounded tissues are more susceptible to infection by R.
The production of grapevine is important agricultural sector in Turkey.
By using the leafhopper vector injected with the cultured and purified bacteria, the disease symptoms can be consistently reproduced in healthy grapevines and the same organism reisolated from clean leafhoppers fed on these plants and on naturally infected plants from the field.
While its more populous neighbors, Dallas, Arlington and Fort Worth, may be better known, Grapevine, Texas, host of this year's NACM Credit Congress, is a hidden gem.
But some places in the area actually live up to the word ``history,'' and Grapevine Canyon falls firmly into that category.
The other side to this conflation of Henry and the grapevines is equally important.
The corporate grapevine is an invisible flow of rumor, innuendo and speculation.
Researchers can also snip off bits of plantlet roots, right after hungry phylloxera attack, to see if resistant grapevines form natural chemicals that repel the tiny pests.
Vine tenders who mismeasure grapevines end up as dock hands.
com/research/f683f3/the_science_of_gra) has announced the addition of Elsevier Science and Technology's new report "The Science of Grapevines.
The Science of Grapevines: Anatomy and Physiology offers a comprehensive study of grapevine physiology that focuses on the physical and biological functions of the whole vine and their responses to the environment.
I invited him in for a tour, like I invite in most of the people who see the old red barn and grapevines and fall in love with the place,'' she said.
Chuck Bell, Director of Operations for La Belle Amie, stated, "The appearance of the new growth of the control group of grapevines that received irrigation with water alone, as compared to the grapevines that were irrigated with anolyte and water produced by EcaFlo(TM) equipment, is similar; however, the anolyte-treated plants appear to be thriving and we will look forward to seeing lab results that indicate if microbiological pathogens have been impacted.