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having the approximate size of a grape

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To shape cookies: Roll filling into grape-sized balls.
She told herself the grape-sized mass under her right jaw was simply a lingering swollen gland after pneumonia last winter.
This liquid is stored in two grape-sized sacs under the skin below the tail.
In the control group, a grape-sized brain region called V5, thought to be specialized for the processing of visual motion, flared into action, Guinevere F.
Each grape-sized protein bite is 100 percent natural and 50 percent organic, made with 2 grams of high-quality, lean, natural milk-based protein prized for its solubility and easy digestion to help quickly repair and build muscles.
Encrusted with hundreds of sweet and tasty grape-sized fruits through most of the summer, they're perfect for hanging baskets and patio pots and have an impressive ability to tolerate blight problems.
He was being treated in an undisclosed Newcastle hospital and, following initial surgery, suffered an adverse reaction to the operation to remove the grape-sized growth.
Zoe was just 14 when she complained to her GP of pain from a grape-sized lump on her left leg.
Doctors now think it is caused by a hereditary condition which leaves me with grape-sized tumours all over my ribcage, spine and intestines.
As the grape-sized berries were ripe for the picking, and didn't appear overly poisonous, it seemed a crime against nature to let them go to waste.
Her sunny disposition disappeared briefly behind dark clouds in July when she found out the reason she was having a hard time breathing when she trained was a grape-sized lymph node was pushing against her windpipe.
If you could flatten out all the surfaces lining the caverns within a grape-sized nugget of some of these materials, they would cover up to four basketball courts, Pekala says.
Sebastian Selo, pictured, who has autism and learning difficulties, is only the 19th child to have undergone the revolutionary operation, which involved the removal of a grape-sized tumour deep in the brain.
She found a grape-sized lump in her right breast when she was young and healthy.