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the juice of grapes

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Research conducted at the University of Wisconsin Medical School indicates that multiple glasses of grape juice may have the same anti-clogging effects that red wine and alcohol do.
The NHANES analysis also looked specifically at the subgroup of grape juice drinkers versus non-drinkers.
Many of the same heart-healthy plant nutrients in red wine are in grape juice making it a great option for those who choose not to drink alcohol.
Polyphenolics' newest ingredient is MegaNatural Rubired grape juice extract, which has a profile similar to bilberry extract with 50% total phenols and 25% anthocyanins.
Concord Grape Juice Delivers Highest Antioxidant Capacity and Contains the Highest Concentration and Broadest Range of Polyphenol Antioxidants Compared to Other Popular U.
This study of healthy adults tested whether a daily regimen of grape juice supplementation could reduce cellular DNA damage in peripheral lymphocytes and reduce the amount of free radicals released.
Interestingly, the survey established that those who buy grape juice each month are much more likely to buy other heart-healthy foods.
After 1 hour, each baby drank 4 ounces of pear or white grape juice.
Grape Juice Made from Concord Grapes is Shown to Stimulate Nitric Oxide Production, Which Relaxes Arteries and is Associated with Healthy Blood Pressure
Concord grape juice contains polyphenol compounds, which have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and influence neuronal signalling.
Table 20: Per Capita Consumption of Grape Juice in the US
Last year, Folts showed that red wine and red grape juice, both rich in pigmented antioxidants known as flavonoids, inhibited platelet activation, while flavonoid-shy white grape juice did not.
Only by checking the small print on the ingredient list would you discover that it's got more apple and grape juice than cherry juice.
IRI), the leading global provider of enterprise market solutions for the consumer packaged goods (CPG), retail and healthcare industries, announced today that it is extending its relationship for several years with Welch's, the world's leading marketer of Concord and Niagara grape-based products, including grape juice and jelly.
As little as 3 microl of a 6-fold dilution of PJ, in a reaction volume of 5,000 microl, produced a marked antioxidant effect, whereas 300 microl of undiluted blueberry juice or nearly 1,000 microl of undiluted Concord grape juice were required to produce similar effects.