grape arbor

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an arbor where grapes are grown

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The Garden of Eden is now the grape arbor with its forbidden fruit, and the diabolical, lisping Corregidor is the embodiment of the hissing serpent.
A window along the side porch shows the painted porch boards and the curved backs of the wicker furniture and, beyond the porch edge, the bricks of the walk where it broadens beneath the grape arbor and the boards and posts of the arbor and the ragged gaps of sunlight and scenery between the broad grape leaves.
In addition to the vegetables, we have a small raspberry patch, just for picking fresh berries for breakfast, and a lovely grape arbor with two kinds of grapes.
Against the far patio wall is a bright bougainvillea and a grape arbor.
today at Grape Arbor Park for Patricia Freeman-Wright, a Calabasas woman who disappeared March 22 on her way home from a trip to the San Francisco Bay area.
Attendees got a tour of the famous vineyard, tastings of the famous wines (including a vertical of the Los Ninos), plus lunch under a grape arbor finished off with Martini's unique Moscato Amabile, a delightful low-a.
Gold also plays a role in the introduction of a gold-colored, wrought iron plate stand available in a three-tier version, which retails for $10; and in a two-tier version which will include eight Grape Arbor pattern plates and retail for $30.
Produce Merchandiser Thomas Cagle presided over the construction of a grape arbor.
Maybe your choice would be a walnut tree, a grape arbor, a selection of blueberry shrubs, or a row or two of raspberries or blackberries.
Vines on this row are now 10 to 15 feet long and are tied to wires on an arbor similar to a grape arbor.
An Italian garden features a grape arbor, fragrant lavender, a fountain graced by a statue of Venus, and tall cypresses.
He won a blue ribbon in the ninth grade at the Lane County Fair for a poem about sitting under a grape arbor and reading in the summertime.
1 -- 3 -- color) Paso Robles' small wineries keep things refreshingly simple, welcoming visitors to stroll beneath a grape arbor at Justin, above, explore the vineyard at Pipestone, above right, or say hello to Rebel Rose, the mascot at Dover Canyon, below right.
Finally, there are new votives, Grape Arbor ad Forest Pine, retailing for $2.
The Colby was displayed in an 8-foot island case, decorated as a grape arbor.