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Synonyms for inflammation

Synonyms for inflammation

an instance of being irritated, as in a part of the body

Synonyms for inflammation

a response of body tissues to injury or irritation

the state of being emotionally aroused and worked up

arousal to violent emotion


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the act of setting something on fire

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The diagnostic criteria for tuberculous granulomas was granulomatous inflammation both caseating and non caseating confirmed by AFB positive ziehl neelsen staining of tissue, culture of fresh biopsy material in lowenstein Jensen media etc.
13,14) IGM is a subtype of panniculitis with granulomatous inflammation, which was first described by Kessler and Wolloch as an uncommon disease of females in reproductive years which can mimic various inflammatory and malignant disorders.
When considering CD-associated airway disease with the presence of granulomatous inflammation, it is essential to rule out infections by culture and special stains; clinical correlations are extremely important in these cases.
The absence of granulomatous inflammation or other surrogate markers of GPA in addition to the presence of MPO-ANCA led us to establish MPA as the final diagnosis in this case.
The American Academy of Rheumatology recommends the use of the diagnostic criteria published in 1990: nasal or oral inflammation; nodules, fixed infiltrates or cavitation on chest radiography; microscopic hematuria or more than five erythrocytes per high-power field; granulomatous inflammation on biopsy.
the diagnosis of WG should be made microscopically, based on findings suggestive of vasculitis and granulomatous inflammation.
A frozen biopsy was performed; atypical cells were not observed and granulomatous inflammation was found.
Further, long term treatment of amiodarone for 3 to 4 weeks leads to significant toxicity as determined by granulomatous inflammation and interstitial pneumonitis.
Granulomatosis with polyangiitis (GPA) is a form of systemic vasculitis with necrotizing granulomatous inflammation of the upper and lower respiratory tracts and kidneys [1].
Fine needle aspiration cytology (FNAC) of the dominant nodule in left lobe showed granulomatous inflammation.
Seven cases of granulomatous inflammation and KS were seen in the same biopsy specimen.
Microscopic brain tissue examination showed signs of acute granulomatous inflammation, multiple hemorrhagic infarctions, and angiitis in the presence of numerous amebic trophozoites and cysts (Figure), which showed granulomatous hemorrhagic necrotic amebic meningoencephalitis.
A biopsy of one of the tattoo nodules showed sarcoidal granulomas, and close inspection revealed red tattoo pigment within the granulomatous inflammation.
These cases were those of the hypoplastic / aplastic marrows, Myelofibrosis, lymphomatous infiltration and chronic granulomatous inflammation.
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