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a tumor composed of granulation tissue resulting from injury or inflammation or infection

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Granuloma gravidarum is a rapidly growing, benign, fibrovascular lesion with extensive endothelial proliferation.
Research variables were; types of cutaneous granuloma with attributes of tuberculous granuloma, cutaneous leishmaniasis, fungal granuloma, foreign body granuloma, leprosy, sarcoid granuloma, malakoplakia and necrobiotic granuloma.
3 In about 90 percent of the cases, a well-defined radiolucency at the apical area of an untreated asymptomatic tooth with a non-vital or diseased pulp is either a dental granuloma or a radicular cyst.
Sclerotherapy is an effective procedure for the treatment of pyogenic granuloma patients.
A perivascular nonnecrotizing granuloma is a histopathologic feature of neurobrucellosis.
5 Chemotherapy for cancer in these patients can lead to development of TB if a pre-existing granuloma contains viable organisms.
Histology revealing neutrophil infiltration or neutrophil vasculitis on a background of macrophage granuloma was taken as evidence of Type 2 lepra reaction (T2R).
Fue hospitalizada con impresiones diagnosticas de herpes simples, enfermedad de Crohn, granuloma de Majocchi e infeccion por micobacterias atipicas.
La enfermedad se caracteriza a partir del momento cronico con la formacion de granuloma, este es asociado con baja mortalidad y puede permanecer asintomatico durante mucho tiempo, causando danos durante el crecimiento de peces tornandolos impropios para el comercio, en casos agudos todo el lote de peces puede morir (6).
Granuloma annulare produces slowly expanding annular plaques that are not itchy and do not scale.
Occasionally space occupying lesions like granuloma, polyps, tumors etc.
Umbilical granuloma is the most common umbilical abnormality in neonates.
El diagnostico clinico de un granuloma a cuerpo extrano puede ser un poco complejo especialmente cuando los pacientes no encuentran relacion entre el relleno cosmetico y los sintomas o cuando los pacientes ocultan deliberadamente la informacion relacionada con el procedimiento en su historia clinica (6,10).
This distinctive form of hepatic granuloma deserves special mention.