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a tiny grain

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In addition, the bulk density of VESTAKEEP 5000 HCM micro granules have been measured to be significantly higher than that of standard PEEK powder, resulting in better mechanical properties such as the elongation at break values.
By providing the easy to measure and administer Tambocor Fine Granules 10% in addition to Tambocor Tablets, Eisai will continue to make further contributions to address their needs of patients with tachyarrhythmia.
Moreover, granules on top of the fruit must be ripened fully and the rest below may be green but full in size, says a release issued by the media liaison unit of the Punjab agriculture department on Monday.
Effect of variables on local conditions during fluid bed granulation Independent Impact Represent Local Impact Granule variables Dependent conditions properties variables Fluidizing air Bed Granule Granule porosity inlet temperature temperature temperature Fluidizing air Bed humidity Granule liquid Granule strength inlet humidity concentration Fluidizing air flow rate Spray rate Atomization air Pressure
Conversely, if the granule is large, it is likely to merge or fragment [40].
In this way, it is possible to optimise the speed of the conveying of the material based on the value set, essentially managing the initial phase to generate a sufficient amount of kinetic energy required to move the granules, and the intermediate and final stages, avoiding those peaks that typically occur during conveying and at the final stage of purging the line, when the pipe is almost empty and therefore the speed of the granules tends to increase.
Pegasus Vacuum Coater is able to add significantly larger quantities of liquids to powders, granules and granulates than more traditional production methods.
By replicating the shear, impact and abrasion forces acting upon granules in simulated industrial production plant conditions granule performance can be studied in detail enabling informed decisions to be taken on further processing steps.
In this study, the particle based drying model for granular products is extended by integrating both granule shrinkage and the concept of product.
The effect of granule size on filtration efficiency is illustrated in Figure 5, where curves are reproduced from the same data as mentioned above for better clarity.
10 UE in powder--replace earlier Dowlex granule and powder grades.
Knowledge of the release pattern of Se from a fertiliser granule and its effect on the spatial pattern of Se concentration in the sward is important in understanding the reason for differences in the longevity of Se fertiliser effectiveness.
This study was focused on synthesizing bioactive glass coated porous hydroxyapatite granule as a substitute for cortical bone grafts and to compare its efficacy with uncoated porous HA granules.
Ultrastructural localization of the Cheroot-Leyden crystal protein (lysophospholipase) to a distinct crystalloid-free granule population in mature human eosinophils.