granulation tissue

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new connective tissue and tiny blood vessels that form on the surfaces of a wound during the healing process

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Based on the severe otalgia, recurring granulation tissue, history of insulin-dependent diabetes, and nuclear imaging findings, the patient was diagnosed with ma lignant otitis externa (MOE).
Estimation of hydroxyproline, the amino acid present in the collagen fibres of granulation tissue was done in the connective tissue of the wound as per the procedure of Woessner[1].
Histopathological analysis after EMPB treatment indicated that the increased epithelialization activity, angiogenesis, granulation tissue formation, and remodeling in the wound healing process may result in a significant reduction in wound size.
In the process of normal wound healing, the fibrin matrix is replaced by granulation tissue with activation of inflammatory cells.
The histopathological examination revealed that the soft tissue taken from this erupted tooth consisted of granulation tissue with bacterial invasion, while there could have been post-eruption contamination; such an appearance suggests that the histopathological appearance represents a carious lesion that occurred post-eruptively [Walton, 1980].
The clinical diagnosis of this tumor was epithelized granulation tissue caused by ingrown toenail, however squamous cell carcinoma was not denied completely.
Infrastomal stenosis is the usual occurrence in any tracheostomy due to mucosal injury by the tip of the tracheostomy tube leading to granulation tissue formation (3,5.
Not appearing granulation tissue on wound and occupation of wound space by blood clot including fibrin and blood cells and inflammatory cells and filling of the wound space by extending aroelar connective tissue from under part of the tissues, Grade 1
The biopsy showed inflamed, partly necrotic granulation tissue, reported as a pyogenic granuloma.
Histology of the mass in the auditory canal showed granulation tissue.
I had a procedure on my vocal cords to remove some granulation tissue and then went for speech therapy and my voice came back to normal.
An increase in nitric oxide synthase (NOS) activity and therefore nitric oxide production is detrimental during inflammation but is favourable during granulation tissue formation.
7) Bony erosion adjacent to the soft-tissue mass, with/without intramural bony fragments, forms the mainstay of the diagnosis, and distinguishing the lesion from granulation tissue and fluid and pus.
Also, sloughs, gangrenous tissue and necrotic tissue are replaced with granulation tissue and increasing epithelialisation.
Histology showed granulation tissue, consistent with chronic infection.