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new connective tissue and tiny blood vessels that form on the surfaces of a wound during the healing process

the act of forming something into granules or grains

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The study shows that Starch 1500 performed as an excellent binder, producing a compressible granulation and tablets with improved hardness and friability compared with a polymer and superdisintegrant combination.
Lines include the unjammable angled-rotor granulators for beside-the-press and granulation room applications to the most progressive heavy-duty units capable of processing over 10,000 lb/hr.
If hypertrophic, such arachnoid villi are then called pacchionian granulations, which can erode even further, reaching the outer table of the cranium and causing a punched-out lesion on roentgenograms.
Bulk product is supplied from the granulation lines to the packing lines in 600kg boxes.
Nutri Granulations, a leading manufacturer of calcium carbonate, has strengthened its quality and sales teams by adding a Director of Quality, a Quality Assistant and a Product Manager.
ConcenTrace AC Granulated is a complex of more than 72 ionic trace minerals that has been harvested, concentrated, dehydrated and then put through a proprietary granulation process to create a 40 mesh size particle that can be conveniently used to fortify any food, beverage or supplement.
ConsiGma[TM] can do particle design and mimic any traditional batch granulation process with better, more consistent quality resulting from its 'risk based approach' to GMP.
Based on our experience with this case, we conclude that early bacterial culture and staining for acid-fast bacilli in ear drainage material or granulation tissue should be performed when standard antimicrobial therapy fails to eradicate chronic otitis media of an undetermined origin that is accompanied by granulation tissue over the external auditory canal or middle ear.
Due to the flour's specific granulation, adhesion to machine components and work surfaces is reduced considerably.
FEECO International aims to use their granulation technology to help companies to establish their own greenhouse gas abatement projects with the potential to create carbon credits.
Lammens is responsible for the further development of the company's proprietary Pneumatic Dry Granulation technology, PDG Technology(TM).
This fluid bed distributor plate represents the basis for an optimized granulation process and creates the perfect product for subsequent process steps.
Microbial granulation technology for nutrient removal from wastewater.
Different processes such as fluid bed and high-shear granulation can be applied to obtain easily compressible granulates, yielding tablets with similar properties to those made by direct compression.