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made grainy or formed into granules

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Disadvantages include the use of anti-adhesive for avoiding granules sticking and anti-adhesive consumption according to granulated robber type.
Even recyclers with grinders of their own, like Eaglebrook and wTe, buy granulated material these days.
5 grams of granulated mesalamine remained relapse-free over 6 months of treatment than patients dosed with placebo," stated Bill Forbes, Pharm.
Stir together the yoghurt, vanilla and the remaining Splenda Granulated and pour into the lined tin.
Barnette, Bethlehem's chairman and chief executive officer, said, "The project calls for installing coal injection systems on the division's two blast furnaces as well as further modification of those furnaces to accept granulated coal.
This granulated mesalamine formulation is unique in that it combines an enteric pH-dependent coating, which provides for delayed release, and a polymer matrix core, which provides for extended release.
Dog food - 24-26% crude protein, fat, 10-12% (for SKORS) - 1320 kg; Dog food - 24-26% crude protein, fat, 10-12% (to Zoo) - 2400 kg; Extruded food for bears (to Zoo) - 5000 kg; Extruded food for small predators (to Zoo) - 5000 kg; Formula of calves for fattening - 1500 kg; Mix for laying hens - 1500 kg; Blend for chickens starter- -500 kg; Granulated blend for horses - 10,000 kg; Granulated mixture of ewes - 15,000 kg; Granulated blend ostrich hens - 2000 kg; Granulated blend rabbit starter - 1000 kg; Fish food - 100 kg;Oats - 1000 kg; Corn - 1000 kg; Wheat - 1000 kg.
Shape dough into 1-inch balls; roll in granulated sugar and place 2 inches apart on ungreased cookie sheets.
The equipment portion of the business will continue to generate demand for solid chemical disinfection as we roll out new models of our tablet and granulated feeders," said Mr.
Tenders are invited for Supply Granulated Food for Hr Game
1/4 cup simple syrup (made by heating equal parts water and granulated sugar over high heat until dissolved; or substitute honey)
This technology will not only provide a vast new market for equipment, but uses our proprietary packaging for chemicals, providing an on-going revenue stream for granulated calcium hypochlorite.
Feed supplies for service dogs Slovak Armed Forces and Military Police - granulated food for adult dogs, granulated food for adult dogs in the increased load, granulated food for sensitive dogs, granulated food for older dogs, granulated food for adult dogs of small breeds, canned meat for adult dogs, sausages for dogs, granulated food for dogs with gastrointestinal disease with an allergy, intolerance to feed and skin diseases.
To make Strawberry-Rhubarb Sauce, in a saucepan over medium heat, bring granulated sugar, water and rhubarb to a boil.
Rogers' sugar products are marketed primarily under the "Rogers" trade name and include granulated, icing, cube, yellow and brown sugars, liquid sugars and specialty syrups.