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made grainy or formed into granules

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B) on Thursday reported that a new reflective granulated cap sheet called GlasKap CR G is available, expanding its built-up roofing (BUR) systems.
Granulated salt has a smooth, cubic, dice-like shape; whereas Diamond Crystal Fine Kosher Salt is a finer cut of kosher salt with a non-uniform surface with many crevices and bumps.
In a separate bowl, stir together the almonds, flour and Splenda Granulated.
According to the company, ConcenTrace AC Granulated was developed because many of its customers requested minerals in a granulated form in addition to spray-dried, microcrystalline and alfalfa powdered versions of ConcenTrace, which resulted in reported faster run times during manufacturing because the hydroscopic nature of the material was greatly reduced.
should support the launch of poultry manure reservation and production of granulated poultry manure near the poultry factories and
The transportation of granulated sulphur from source by Etihad Rail instead of transfer in liquid form by trucks to Ruwais improves on road safety, helps elimination of sulphur fumes emission into air and consequently reduces carbon footprints.
The Shah and Habshan Rail (SHR) Granulated Sulphur Transportation and Management Project will transport granulated sulphur from Shah and Habshan Stations to Ruwais export terminal(s) via rail network and will replace the current transportation of liquid sulphur via tankers to Ruwais.
First liquidise the blackcurrants and push them through a sieve into a saucepan with 50g of the granulated sugar.
Sartomer has recently introduced Krasol NN prepolymers, which function as binders for granulated rubber composites.
The new Granulated Canister is so convenient it makes using sugar simple and spill-free from start to finish.
Tate & Lyle's new Light Cane sugar is said to have 33 per cent fewer calories than its ordinary granulated version.
75g/3oz Billingtons Golden Granulated sugar, or similar
The liquid form of Sugarshots allows it to dissolve instantly, sweeten uniformly and offer a true sugar taste with fewer calories than granulated sugar products.
LOUIS -- Granulated sugar and topical nitric oxide donors are intriguingly offbeat yet effective additions to the nonoperative treatment of internal hemorrhoids, Dr.