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the quality of being composed of relatively large particles

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Perhaps surprisingly, the benefits of high emotional granularity are not only psychological.
Three factors have been identified that greatly contribute to the pathological behaviour in the minimax algorithm: the independence or low similarity of the sibling nodes, the low granularity of the selected heuristic function and the large branching factors of the search trees.
Again, fabricators have seen this frequently enough that they check for it and usually catch granularity problems before moving to production.
In his 2010 doctoral dissertation at the University of Saarlands, Saarbruchen, Germany, Schiller explores the size of the logical steps used to teach logics and formal proofs, particularly addressing the difference in this granularity between human and machine calculi.
new user interface and dashboard/report layout designer for greater flexibility, finer security granularity and streamlined report and dashboard creation;
The protection granularity is of either 64-Kbytes (sector granularity) or 4-Kbytes (subsector granularity inside sector 0 and sector 31).
The project team found that the two most important configuration issues it needed to grapple with were the file plan's granularity level and the ability -- or inability -- to implement an open repository.
As expected, we find that long-range dependence (LRD) appears at some time granularities, and that for a given network size LRD decays as time granularity increases.
Bob Heilman, President of O'Neil and Associates stated, "Accurate product support information that is delivered on time, at the right granularity, and in the right way, paves the way for quantum leaps in the entire product support process through repurposing of data, platform integration, and business process interoperability.
When a data stream is sent to the ProtecTIER platform, the HyperFactor commonality factoring algorithm scans all the data in the stream and uses the memory-resident index to filter out the identical items at a very fine level of granularity.
It helps clients measure, analyze, predict and optimize net operating profits at any level of granularity, including products, vendors, customers and even individual transactions, to maximize shareholder value.
The technology introduces an additional level of granularity to the partitioning capability built into the ES7000 hardware design.
Mendocino Software today announced "dual-mode" continuous data protection support built into its InfiniView[TM] optimized enterprise application recovery, administration and maintenance product, offering end users a flexible solution that can be configured to provide them with optimal recovery granularity when it is most important ("true CDP") while saving on storage capacity when less recovery granularity is acceptable ("near CDP").
procedure allotted in three lots Lot 1: Fudge # 1 Class B and Class 2 medium granularity based 4 Class A Class 1 granularity average delivered in bulk.
How much granularity do you require in your restores?