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Special (pseudo-eosinophilic) granular leukocytes with polymorphous nuclei are present in the tissue.
Many of the emigrating special granular leukocytes and monocytes contain small granules of India ink in their protoplasm (Fig.
Their phagocytic activity is clearly manifested by the presence of normal or degenerating special granular leukocytes in their protoplasm.
Monocytes and special granular leukocytes containing small carbon particles and small lymphocytes can also be found in the capillaries, although their number here, on the contrary, is smaller than in the enlarged tortuous capillaries of the subcutaneous tissue (Fig.
The number of emigrated granular leukocytes and of polyblasts of hematogenous origin, emigrated lymphocytes and monocytes, containing or not containing carbon particles, in the stages now under consideration, is smaller in the tissue of the omentum than in the subcutaneous tissue.