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Caption: Figure 2: Histopathological examination revealed hyperkeratosis, acanthosis, dilated papillary dermal vessels, loss of granular layer, supra-papillary thinning and a perivascular chronic inflammatory infiltrate in the dermis along with few dermal neutrophils, consistent with psoriasis vulgaris without interface changes, exocytosis of lymphocytes, no eosinophils or plasma cells could be observed in the dermis
Histologically, acquired ichthyosis is usually characterized by compact or laminated orthohyperkeratosis, a reduced or absent granular layer, and the absence of inflammatory infiltrate in the dermis (1, 2).
However, when the output power was more than 5 W, the depth of electro-coagulation passed the external pyramidal layer (layer III), reached to the internal granular layer (layer IV), and even the internal pyramidal layer (layer V).
The granular layer of the cerebellum was distinctively seen, the basket neurons (Purkinje cells) were located at the border of the granular layer and the white matter.
However, the reduction in the volume of granular layer was statistically significant in NE rats.
The morphologic features of the resected SCPDs have been well characterized in the prior reports, (1,2) Briefly, SCPD is a unilocular cyst with a simple stratified squamous epithelial lining lacking a granular layer and superficial keratinization.
Heterotopic Purkinje cells were described in the granular layer by Julio (1971).
Aged skin was associated with thinning of the epidermis, decreased epidermal proliferation, a significant increase in apoptosis below the granular layer, and epidermal Fas expression.
The chapter presents airflow distribution occurring after gas has flown through the granular layer of charging and a theoretical calculation of the distribution of gas flow passed through the charge.
Among different groups (GII, Figures 2-3 and GIV, Figures 6-7), the deposit of a granular layer was detected, suggesting that silicon remained.
The epidermis itself has four layers: the stratum corneum, the granular layer, the squamous cell layer and the basal cell layer.
In the paper, the influence of gravity and non-homogeneity on the propagation of surface waves (Rayleigh wave type) in a granular half space supporting a different granular layer is studied.
No significant correlation was observed between cortical FA values and percentage of neuron specific enclose (NSE) positive neurons in the internal granular layer of the cerebellar cortex.
The pathogenesis of acute selective necrosis of the granular layer of the human cerebellar cortex.
Ten sequential scales were examined for the presence of a granular layer induced in the previously parakeratotic skin areas.