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Following the meeting, Iraqi Government Spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh said the political leaders of Iraq agreed such a training mission is needed "to achieve the readiness of Iraqi troops as soon as possible", but they rejected the US demand for granting immunity to its trainers.
Such decisions were based on legitimate concerns that granting immunity to defense witnesses might invite perjury or make it difficult for the government to prosecute the witness in the future.
The Vioxx cases and the negligence surrounding Merck's development, marketing and obfuscation of the problems associated with this drug perfectly illustrate the dangers to the public in granting immunity to manufacturers whose products are approved by the FDA," said Peters.
American families believe that the British and American governments should confirm that no deal granting immunity has been struck with Libya, while British families apparently do not want the trial hamstrung by political deals and say the assurance is not necessary.
But he claimed this did not amount to granting immunity from prosecution for the killers, insisting: "This is not an amnesty.
Walsh suggests several remedies: Congress should think long and hard before granting immunity to those facing indictment; the national security bureaucracy should loosen its often exaggerated stranglehold on "secret documents"; and politicians should be very careful about attacking independent counsels and turning legal investigations into political crusades.
who is the panel's chairman, that he had no objection to the committee's granting immunity from further prosecution to David Hale for anything he might say at the hearing.
In addition, jeopardy to criminal cases might arise through granting immunity for subpoenaed testimony.
It may well be the antibodies against VP6 stimulated by the vaccine that are granting immunity," he said.
KOT MITHAN, September 27, 2010 (Frontier Star): The head of PML-N Mian Nawaz Sharif has said that implementation of NRO was the prerogative of Supreme Court, while granting immunity to any President was also within the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court.
Lahore, Nov 26(ANI): The collapse of a pact granting immunity from corruption charges to Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari has abruptly weakened his chances of becoming the first civilian leader in country's 62-year history to finish a term in office.
However, it has since refused to give further information about the locations until the two governments pass legislation granting immunity over the cases.
In the appeal filed Wednesday, Clinton's lawyers, while emphasizing that they are seeking only a delay of the trial and not immunity from liability, argue that the concerns the court expressed in granting immunity for a president's official actions also apply to Clinton's unusual situation.
Granting immunity gave Lawrence Walsh less time to prepare and dramatically complicated his task.