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Antonyms for granter

a person who grants or gives something

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The inclusion of incredibly handsome and sensitive Taj, the wish granter, adds yet another supernatural element to the concept that people might actually be able to control the elements and perform with them.
Documentation) needs to come from the official granter of that licence and it would be the government," Potter said.
And whether you are a granter or a recipient of those fa- vours depends entirely on where you're positioned on the favour chain.
Allh Says (what means): "Our Lord, let not our hearts deviate after You have guided us, And grant us Mercy from Your own presence, for You are (Allh) Granter of bounties without measure.
Bai H, Cviko A, Granter S, Yuan L, Betensky RA, Crum CP.
There are four separate agencies that review the documentation, which is eventually given to the Ministry of Natural Resources, the ultimate license granter.
Sandy Collins, the Member for Terra Nova, was appointed Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Health and Community Services and Vaughn Granter, Member for Humber West was appointed Parliamentary Assistant to the Premier.
Sandy Coilins, deputee de Terra Nova, a ete nommee secretaire parlementaire de la ministre de la Sante et des Services communautaires, et Vaughn Granter, depute de Humber West, a ete nomme adjoint parlementaire du premier ministre.
With the new Getaways Granter, JetBlue will take the edge off of requesting vacation days by allowing fans to plug in their desired number of days off before choosing from four destination themes to suit their getaway needs.
Then, the resource granter returns a mobile proxy for the agent in order to access the resource with the desired permissions depending on the restrictions of the resource.
Her on-stage soubriquet of The Wish Granter may not be the catchiest, but it reflects well on Bromberg's work for the Make A Wish foundation.
O Allah, grant us refuge from the Hellfire, O Granter of refuge, O Granter of refuge, O Granter of refuge.
2) Stuart Taberner, 'Private Failings and Public Virtues: Granter Grass' Beim Hduten der Zwiebel and the Exemplary Use of Authorial Autobiography' NLR, 103 (2008), 143-54 (P.
Laforgue next turns to a well-known favorite, La Peau de chagrin, to demonstrate the social irony developed by the trope of the ass's skin, the granter of all wishes, as it destroys its hapless owner.
Robert Granter, international speaker and teacher in the myotherapy program at Victoria's RMIT University, spoke on both days.