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a person who grants or gives something

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Illegal exercise of the game "lotto" and the other games controlled by the State or granter societies; Illegal exercises of the games controlled by CONI and/or UNIRE; Illegal exercises of other examples of betting in relation to human beings and/or animals.
Bellmont is the just granter of rewards and recognition for her work: Frado's labor is dignified under their guidance, and they encourage her assimilation into the family (31, 37).
Robert Granter, international speaker and teacher in the myotherapy program at Victoria's RMIT University, spoke on both days.
b) More university programs will mean more faculty positions and granter number of research grants are researchers argue things like "well thousands of clinicians are using stimulus control techniques in work with their clients but the process of stimulus control is not well researched.
STEPS ON BROADWAY Carol Paumgarten, Founder & Artistic Director Diane Granter, Co-Artistic Director.
Raffles, vendors and a $15 fee to display a vehicle helped raise the money for the foundation, said June Lofton, who along with her husband holds the unique title of ``wish granter.
It is believed that this liaison officer will have enormous leverage because he is representing IMF, the granter of financial aid.
He is an amazing wish granter and a great friend of Make-A-Wish.
Make-a-Wish Oregon - Wish granter training will be offered from 9:30 a.
McKee PH, Calonje E, Granter SR: Pathology of the skin.
The candidates were Vaughn Granter, representing the Progressive Conservative party who defeated Mark Watton representing the Liberal Party and Rosie Myers representing the New Democratic Party.
There would, the economists argue, be many more such organizations if not for the existence of the FDA, which most individuals and businesses take for a knower organization when in fact it is a bureaucratic permission granter.
Niamh works as a wish granter for the Make A Wish Foundation and said it was her best birthday ever.
I'm motivated and inspired by the wish children," said Susan Sleczkowski of Worcester, a volunteer wish granter and driving force behind the Swing for Wishes tournament.
If terms like 'defective granter trust' or 'qualified terminal interest property' make your head spin, "The Procrastinator's Bible for Financial Success" will take away the pain.