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a recipient of a grant

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someone to whom the title of property is transferred


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If agencies and their grantees cannot reach an agreement through
The race/ethnicity data grantees plan to sustain the accomplishments they have achieved through the AHRQ grant by pursuing other grants and funding sources, and by building and leveraging their existing relationships with partner organizations.
To understand the diversity of STLT programmatic efforts, CDC used the 10 EEPHS and EnvPHPS to align first-year outcomes from the 11 grantees by each of the 10 EEPHS (Table 2).
It is expected that the workshop result in replication of best practices by grantees or encourage other organizations to apply to SGP.
As part of the AIM award, all grantees are required to secure matching funds; ensure 100 percent board participation in fundraising; participate in a management training programs and maintain up-to-date information in the Cultural Data Project, an online financial & data collection platform that assists arts organizations across the country to collect, learn from, and use data effectively.
grantor's burden to collect the required data from foreign grantees, especially from smaller grantees or those in less-developed countries.
6 million, including civil servants, military personnel, postal workers, contractors and grantees, up from 12.
The Center's analysis of grantee ratings of foundations identified three key dimensions nonprofits most value in their foundation funders.
Grantees will receive technical assistance and guidance from the National Recycling Coalition (NRC), including strategies for developing effective partnerships for collection and selection of responsible recycling processors, fund development and media and grassroots outreach.
This year grants went to about 110 individual artists, companies, presenters, and service organizations, including 17 new grantees.
The timeliness standard requires that CDBG grantees must have no more than 1.
During Phase I, grantees utilized local data and in some cases used formative research techniques to create baseline data and developed a Community Action Plan (CAP) to guide the work of the coalition through Phase II activities.
A type of "key informant" study for which the informants were the grantees for Kellogg Foundation funds and who are designated as "library leaders" throughout the discussion.
This article reports on an evaluation of the grant program, focusing on the cohort of grantees that completed their 3-year grant projects in 1993.
Alongside the call for nonprofits to reinvent themselves, foundations are changing the types of investments they're making and how they interact with their grantees.