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Synonyms for grantee

a recipient of a grant

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someone to whom the title of property is transferred


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A grantee must have been born in Benguet, a bona fide resident of the province, and poor but deserving, as certified by both the chief of barangay where he or she resides and the Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office.
Although the SIF grantee group included only 20 organizations (excluding those funded in the 2014 cohort), it represented the entire population and a response rate of 100%.
The grantee shall construct and operate its stations and facilities in a manner as will, at most, result only in the minimum interference on the wavelengths or frequencies of existing stations or other stations which may be established by law, without in any way diminishing its own privilege to use its assigned wavelengths or frequencies and the quality of transmission or reception thereon as should maximize rendition of the grantees services and/or availability thereof.
The three Palestinian projects that are grantee recipients in this round are A House in Jerusalem, Muayad Alayan (Palestine/Qatar), Screwdriver, Bassam Jarbawi (Palestine/Qatar) and The Forgotten, Ghada Terawi (Palestine/Qatar).
The 2013-2015 funding initiative supported 11 grantees (nine state and two county health departments) to improve state and local capacity to assess and manage risks associated with drinking water systems not covered by SDWA.
And one group of hospitals in Hawaii anticipated enough potential direct benefit from participation to request expansion of data collection beyond that requested by the grantee.
conditions, and rationales for grantee noncompliance, as well as the
The network consists of 61 grantees and approximately 44,000 eligible enrolled providers throughout the U.
The following are some examples of the Main Map Elements to select from: grantee penetration by low-income population, low income population not served by grantees, % poverty, % low-income and % Hispanic.
In particular, grantees are required to prepare planning documents known as Analyses of Impediments (AI), which are to identify impediments to fair housing (such as restrictive zoning or segregated housing) and actions to overcome them.
Working with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the First Look Program will standardize the acquisition process for NSP grantees, allowing them an exclusive option to purchase foreclosed homes in certain targeted neighborhoods, according to Craig Nickerson, president of the NCST.
More information on the grantee programs and the evaluation is available at https://mfs.
Global Banking News-5 January 2009-BNY Mellon to cut grants and maintain grantee list(C)2009 ENPublishing - http://www.
It should take about six hours and cost $196 worth of staff time for each grantee to provide the data.
Commonsense steps the nonprofit can take would be to request a representation from the potential grantee that they are not the entity or individual listed on the SDN list.