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a recipient of a grant

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someone to whom the title of property is transferred


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Although these hospitals are located in significantly poorer communities than the average grantee, their financial status is not markedly different from that of average grantees.
the joinder of all subordinate interests to extinguish those subordinate interests and to vest complete title in the purchaser at a judicial sale) concluded that the provisions of the condominium statute applies only to a general sale or conveyance of a condominium unit to a grantee and not to a first mortgagee who acquires title at a foreclosure sale.
You got it: senior NIMH staff members, many of whom have already proven their dedication through their effective, timely monitoring of such grantees as Hancock.
My experience with comprehensive audits of nonprofit organizations has convinced me that an independent and objective audit of federal programs can provide significant benefits for the grantee as well as the sponsor.
of Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine and The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research, NY, and team including eight NARSAD Grantees identify a gene variant linked to antipsychotic-medication-induced weight gain.
Recommendation: In order to improve key control processes over grant awards and monitoring of grantee program performance and grantee compliance, the President of LSC, and the Vice President for Programs and Compliance should conduct and document a cost benefit assessment of improving the effectiveness of application controls in LSC Grants such that the system's information capabilities could be utilized to a greater extent in the grantee application evaluation and decision-making process.
One grantee identified the staff implications of new technology, noting that "A good rule of thumb is the higher the probability that a technology can be used to avoid human errors, the more human resources are needed for successful implementation.
The telephone survey, then, is a naive investigation that, like the vision statements and subsequent interviews, was intended to support discussion among the grantees regarding the future of public libraries.
Because one of the primary objectives of the MFS-IP initiative is to teach couples the skills necessary to maintain healthy relationships, all of the grantees are implementing a curriculum-based component on this topic to incarcerated men and their partners.
The bank, which expects a decrease of nearly 30 percent in the funds for charitable donations, will focus on helping its grantees streamline and become more efficient and cost-effective.
Foreign grantee demonstrates that it satisfies the one-third public support test of Regs.
5 contractor and grantee employees for every civil servant.
And one group of hospitals in Hawaii anticipated enough potential direct benefit from participation to request expansion of data collection beyond that requested by the grantee.
but also to conducting site visits, reviewing grantee reports on the
Each post-production grantee can receive up to $60,000 of funding, while development grantees can receive up to $20,000 of funding.