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Synonyms for granny

the mother of your father or mother

an old woman

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a reef knot crossed the wrong way and therefore insecure


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The grannies use luxuriously soft 100% British spun merino wool yarn to bring customers' designs to life - because Grannies, Inc.
But the Second City played host to a new kind of motor sport as Grannie Turismo roared into town.
NEXT year, schedule some quality time with both grannies including your mother-in-law.
A football club in South Africa has become popular for accommodating grannies.
Produced in high definition, the second season of GRANNIES ON SAFARI features seven, new, 30-minute episodes that highlight the dynamic duo's love for travel as they visit a 19th century pioneer community in Canada; wander through palaces in Poland; cruise the Caribbean; admire new architectural landscapes in Buenos Aires; visit Montevideo in Uruguay, the City of the Drums; venture through colorful ethnic neighborhoods in Toronto and explore San Juan, Puerto Rico.
Grannies Inc has been set up by Katie Mowat, from Usk, South Wales, and a team of knitting grandmothers including her own granny, Ceri Mowat.
GRAN PLAN Russian wrinklies make the final SCARF ACE Jedward meet the Russian grannies
OPPORTUNITY Grannies tearoom, in Alnwick, with the interior, top left, and tearoom, bottom left
The Grannies will answer questions about travel, luggage and more.
No child can resist a picture of people in their underwear, and the illustration with grannies of all colors and sizes getting dressed is worth a thousand laughs.
Muggins was picked to play the role of Tomassi crossing the ball in from the right at a snail's pace for the grannies to convert into an empty net.
Lee then critiques the critics and reasons that, since both the literary and literal grannies practice "Womanist theology" - the act of theorizing through a spiritually based ethic of activism and caring - critics who study the two performances should, in turn, act as Womanist scholars in their scholarly investigations.
Madison Grannies showed up at the Senior Idol Talent Show at the Dane County Fair.
I'm just glad that I have my mum and grannies around to watch her grow up.