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the mother of your father or mother

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And they're off: Grannie Turismo on High Street, Birmingham, on Saturday.
Spunky hosts of the international travel series Grannies on Safari([R]) love taking Antler on the road.
The Raging Grannies set satirical lyrics to familiar melodies and arrive where the public congregates, where the fine lines beg to be crossed.
The Grannies will be a welcome addition to the group of caring individuals who provide exceptional care to these children.
Incredible footrace performance, which was caught on tape by amateur cameramen, showed by grannies in a village in Russia's one of the northern Caucasian Republics of Dagestan is still breaking record in social media.
Jags defender Aaron said yesterday: "It's good to see the club get involved because my grannies were affected by breast cancer.
The bright exuberant colours of the seaside, captured in mixed media and acrylic overlays, the cheerful grommets, the subtle message implicit in the reassuring body language of the grannies and the helpful 'Granny Grommet's Beach Tips' at the end all contribute to a delightful book to share with a grandchild, especially one who is timid about venturing into the sea.
A knitter for more than 60 years, Ceri, from Usk, became involved with Grannies, Inc.
MY boyfriend and I had our first child in summer and both grannies tried to see us at Christmas.
Summary: A group of grannies in South Africa have taken up soccer to improve their health.
Madison Grannies showed up at the Senior Idol Talent Show at the Dane County Fair.
I'm just glad that I have my mum and grannies around to watch her grow up.
Some grannies have thin legs, fat knees, crinkly eyes, or big soft laps.
Muggins was picked to play the role of Tomassi crossing the ball in from the right at a snail's pace for the grannies to convert into an empty net.