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plutonic igneous rock having visibly crystalline texture

something having the quality of granite (unyielding firmness)

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The Vlc-2 granodiorite was selected for the present study because of its apparent relationship to the still undated Pilsotas phase of the Palaeoproterozoic charnockites and its simultaneously rather numerous similarities with the later granitoids.
381-370 Ma), a peraluminous granitoid suite that underlies approximately half of southern Nova Scotia (McKenzie and Clarke 1975; Reynolds et al.
It is noteworthy that the region's granitoids could have come from two generations; hence it is possible that older granites are made prior to impact and the younger ones after or at the same time of POG.
The object of this study is a ceramic mixture, containing local raw materials: fusible clay "Lukoml-1", granitoid screenings Mikashevichith RUPP "Granite", dolomite deposits "Rube" and quartz sand of Gomel Mining and imported from Ukraine refractory clay "DNPK".
Peck, "Isotopic U-Pb Ages of Zircon from the Granitoids of the Central Sierra Nevada," California United States Geological Survey Professional Paper 1185 (1981).
The initial Nd and Sr isotopic composition of Paleozoic granitic rocks from Medial New England Terrane (MNET) and Composite Avalon Terrane (CAT) in Maine were investigated in order to characterize the source regions of the granitoids and constrain the subsurface distribution and timing of juxtaposition of these terranes.
If the bedrock consists mainly of uranium-rich granitoids and granites and contains soft, slightly alkaline bicarbonate waters, uranium is highly soluble under oxidizing conditions at a wide pH range.
Wide zones in excess of 100 m of veined / stock worked granitoids are present and the overall mineralized trend is nearly 1.
Neodymium and strontium isotopic constraints on the origin of the peraluminous granitoids of the South Mountain Batholith, Nova Scotia, Canada.
South-western Nigeria's basement complex rocks have been classified into migmatite-gneiss complexes, meta-sedimentary and meta-volcanic rocks (the schist belts), the Pan-African granitoids (the older granites) and undeformed acid and basic dykes (Rahama, 2006).
This very prospective area is mainly underlain by altered calc-silicate breccias and granitoids of the Proterozoic Corella Formation which hosts the Tick Hill mineralisation, as well as the Trekelano Mine (Copper, Gold 21km to NW) and the Kalman deposit (Copper, Molybdenum, 67km to the North).
The water in the system was released from the footwall granitoids by thermal metamorphism and circulated Cu-PGE downwards beneath the channel way.
The project area is underlain by undifferentiated granitoids of the Coastal
Nemehin AA (1996) Origin and evolution of granitoids of the Darling Range batholith south-western Yilgarn Craton: Implications for late Archaean crustal processes.