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plutonic igneous rock having visibly crystalline texture

something having the quality of granite (unyielding firmness)

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2008), this region is occupied by the large Kursiai batholith with a few minor plutons made up of a suite of dominantly charnockitic granitoid rocks (mangerite, enderbite, opdalite, charnockite and granite).
Paleoweathered surfaces on granitoids of southern Nova Scotia; paleoenvironmental implications of saprolites.
Abnormal potassium peak is probably due to potassic alterations in the region's granitoid.
It should be noted that with decreasing the content of refractory clay and simultaneously increasing the quantity of granitoid screenings and dolomite, the rise of the diffraction peaks of anorthite is noted, the formation of which is explained by the reaction between CaO, arising during the decomposition of dolomite, with metakaolinite formed during firing of clay and quartz, the introduced with quartz sand.
As was mentioned above, in the study area the main sources of high Rn concentrations in soil air are the Lower-Ordovician U-rich rocks, graptolite argillite, and obolus sandstone (phosphorite), and among the Quaternary deposits, clasts and fines of the above-mentioned rocks and to a lesser extent the Quaternary deposits enriched with erratic granitoid material of the rapakivi formation.
Granitoid pebbles, cobbles and boulders are characteristic of some of the ore-bearing breccias.
These growth periods have been previously interpreted as occurring during forceful intrusion of the Hyde School composite granitoid (ca.
This study draws on mapping within the Blue Ridge of Alabama, a terrane composed of Neoproterozoic metaclastic and metavolcanic rocks intruded by Paleozoic granitoid plutons.
They gave a party for us at the home of a prominent businessman, and after things had started rolling, a handsome woman came up the granitoid walk and entered the house.
The drill holes intersected an east-west striking, steeply dipping mineralized zone hosted in felsic volcanic (ignimbrites) and granitoid rocks.
In order to identify the granitoid mass in Ghareh Gheshlagh, thin layers of the samples were taken besides field studies that helped in identifying these minerals.
Kwabena Mensah, Principal Geologist, believes that the initial focus of the drill program will be within the central portions of the permit where there is evidence of structurally controlled metasedimentary rocks within granitoid formations.
Figure 4a shows how erosional remnants of a sedimentary cover consisting of Ordovician limestone can be differentiated from the underlying Archean granitoid basement by its relatively bright tone on a LANDSAT TM colour composite image of southwestern Baffin Island, Nunavut.
Migmatization is widespread, resulting in the formation of plagioclase and potassium-feldspar porphyroblasts and occasionally charnockitic leucosomes, also of small granitoid veins and bodies.