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showing unfeeling resistance to tender feelings

hard as granite

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Smaller kilometre scale, more fractionated granitic intrusive bosses occur within the metasediments and are spatially associated with pegmatitic vein swarms.
Although the tested rock samples were intact, the permeability of granitic rocks can vary by more than four orders of magnitude depending on the sample location.
Historically, the Northern Inland Slopes supported a rich diversity of dry forest and woodland Ecological Vegetation Classes (EVCs), including large tracts of Box-Ironbark Forest, Granitic Hills Woodland, Herb-rich Woodland, Valley Woodland and Riverine Grassy Woodland.
But the Arrowhead, especially north of the Iron Range, has a lot of exposed granitic bodies that aren't specific granite but are in that same" family of rock.
The intrusion-related gold deposit is a relatively new classification of gold deposits and is associated with granitic rocks.
CLFV is developing a cost model for a conceptual 50 MW Enhanced Geother-mal System for the deep granitic rock of the Pioneer Valley in Western Massachusetts.
The investigation confirmed that the drill hole intercepted high grade secondary uranium mineralisation hosted in granitic basement below the palaeochannel with a mineralised intercept of 47 metres at 830 ppm cU308 from 29 metres.
Topics include: Plutonism versus Neptunism, the sanukitoid series, the geochemistry of Archaean plagioclase-rich granites as a marker of source enrichment and depth of melting, chemical structure in granitic magmas, and more.
The company has started trenching and drilling of these targets focused on the contact between a granitic intrusive body and the greenstone country rock and known vein targets.
The Truckee and Blackwood Canyon sites had volcanic soil, and Bliss State Park and Meyers road cut were granitic.
Madrid: El Escorial, granitic boulders around the Silla de Felipe II, 1069 m, 40[degrees] 33'59" N, 4[degrees] 9' 14" W, 1-X-2008, S.
The soils in the eastern part of the United States usually have granitic origins.
Samples of outcropping granite and dolerite and of granitic and doleritic saprolite were collected from Jarrahdale railway cutting (30 km north of the Huntly mine).
Dendritic pattern is more conspicuous in the southern part reflecting the granitic basement in the area.
2005) invoked but rather the variable ratios of thorium to uranium in the old granitic rocks from which the soils were derived.