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hard as granite

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Klemperer's way with the First Symphony is as granitelike as always, yet the music flows almost unconsciously from his direction.
French Villa, the fresh collection introduced to replace the high-performance Coventry group, featured arched doors, a washed-pine finish and a granitelike melamine on work surfaces called Saltillo.
Rickards and other Vietnam veterans were at Pierce Brothers Valley Oaks Memorial Park on Wednesday helping assemble the platform and the 48 granitelike panels of the smaller copy of the memorial at the National Mall in Washington, D.
From granitelike truth ("Federation Ministry of Finance officials have resisted using the new classification system.
That Elder accurately describes the rejection of anthropocentrism as itself "passionate" - the very opposite of granitelike - suggests the inadequacy of such polarization.
In fact, packaging in general at Cover Girl will undergo some interesting changes--most notably, in the spring it will launch its Eco-Tints line, a collection of nature-inspired colors in granitelike cases with silver accents.
Whereas the results are a foregone conclusion, the significance of polling day lies in its nuances, in the sideshows that obliquely reveal weaknesses in the granitelike edifice of the National Party's rule.
Khan maintained his 18-fight unbeaten record by eventually forcing the referee, John Keane, to step in and save the granitelike Gomez from more punishment, but the 21-year-old did not have things all his own way.
What once had been an unusable slope rising steeply out of Puget Sound has become a gorgeous garden filled with waterfalls, streams, granitelike outcroppings, and lush shade plants.