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plutonic igneous rock having visibly crystalline texture

something having the quality of granite (unyielding firmness)

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Blair should have gone to Granita all those years ago and told his friend to run for the leadership and may the best man win.
Both products will be offered year-around to compliment the existing menu of freshly prepared Italian coffee drinks, espresso, lattes, granitas, teas and juices.
By focusing on innovation, we will be the company customers turn to for cappuccinos, cocoas, granitas, smoothies, iced/frozen coffees as well as many new beverage breakthroughs," said Andy Burke, President and CEO of Insight Beverages.
They had another meeting at Cherie's sister's house to finalise details, but the meal at Granita in Islington, North London, was just a dinner for two colleagues.
After 2 hours, stir slushy liquid with a fork, scraping sides of pans to create larger granita flakes.
Granita is a hand-made version with a rougher texture.
It's 'Trisha' with canapes, as the guests on the show that Isaw were distinctly upper middle class and all no doubt off to Granita or some other posh restaurant after the show.
The new Autofill system for Carpigiani Granita machines allows the user to automatically fill one, two, or three bowls simultaneously, with different products in each bowl.
GORDON Brown's former spinmeister Charlie Whelan has been recalling the Chancellor's notorious dinner with Tony Blair at Islington restaurant Granita.
The 1994 Granita supper, held days after John Smith's death, lies at the heart of the on-going battle between the Blairites and Brownies.
and a targeted advertising media company, Granita Media, Inc.
Next week for Valentine's Day, my labour of love will be strawberries with champagne granita.
These use seasonal ingredients and provide delicious variations, from Pineapple Sorbet Cinnamon Gelato to no-fat Italian Sorbetto variations and ices such as an English Strawberry Granita.
Every 30 minutes or so, use a fork to break up the granita gently to bring in the edges as they start to freeze.